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On Popular Demand

Shots with Mom, taken in last few weeks via Dr. Fabulous (of course!)

A lot of you have asked me to feature Mom frequently on the blog. I would love to, but she lives toooooooooo far away. But I do feature her whenever we are on common ground (literally!) and if I am not mistaken she has been featured on the blog the most -> starting with her healthy eating habits, fabulous foot wear, travel shots from scoltland, marriage anecdotes, etc. etc. There is more of her coming up on on the blog soon, though ... Promise! In the meantime I have got her started on Twitter @irarkr. It is so much fun teaching your parents new things. The tables have turned 180 degrees.  

In other news: I'm part of the world record attempt for the World's Longest Social Scarf at Wrapped in Merino. The event is officially launching today on 29th May 2012. The idea is to come up with a virtual wool scarf which each participant adds to their own picture. The participants get to design their scarf style, pattern, and color. People from all over the world will be joining in. Wouldn't you join too? You would also have a chance at winning Net-a-Porter vouchers every week!

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