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Off Shoulder

Recent updates from my life
  1. The blog has been running on an auto-pilot mode for last one week. And I have a good excuse for that -> Super Mom is in town and we have been doing what we love the most - Travel!  
  2. Last week, I was featured on Rocquelle's blog - Consider Me Lovely, in a friday feature - Your Body is Fabulous
  3. Today I also wrote a post for InFB Blog: How to become a Blogger?
Last Monday's outfit was worn in Chicago and 
today's outfit was worn in Tampa, Florida.

Dress - Vera Moda [12']
Pendant - ASOS [11']
Hat - via TJ Maxx [10']
Shades - Borrowed from Brother [Ray Ban 10']
Footwear - Borrowed from Mom [Old Navy 12']

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