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Motivational Tip No.5 by the Drama Queen

Motivational Tip No. 1
Draw motivation from things you see "Everyday"
Only then you will be able to stay motivated "Everyday"

Motivational Tip No. 2
Think of fitness as an investment for a better tomorrow. 
No one would want to live on medicines!

Motivational Tip No. 3
You are the only one who can change your body! 
So learn to differentiate between a 'real' reason and an excuse.

Motivational Tip No. 4 - 
Hard-work gives 100% results (in health and fitness)

And that was the last tip posted on February 12th 2009. I cannot remember why I never continued with this series. Although we did come up with The List of 35 reasons why I (should) workout. After all these years, even today it is a struggle to get out of bed and take that decision to go to the gym (or yoga, or a class). Lately, I have been chanting Obama's slogan, even if that is four years later, "Yes! I can." I try very hard every day to not turn it into, "Yes! I will." Its just a matter of those last 5 seconds when you decide whether you will change into your workout gear or continue to be a lump of lard and stay in bed. While I use all the above tips to push me out of bed it takes that extra nudge of motivation to do it nowadays. When nothing else works, I just tell myself, "You are Tanvi! You HAVE to do this. If you won't then who else will for you?" I know it is one of those weird-self-talking-speeches but it works. Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I am giving myself reasons why I can. And that's how I have been motivating myself for past 2 months. You all must have figured by now that this post is more for myself than anyone. 

Motivation Tip No. 5 - 
Never, never, never, never give up. - Winston Churchill

That's Me <- Not giving up

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