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Long Weekend Bliss

Something I have realized is that I do not require much to be happy. Good company, good weather, good food, a camera & lots of conversations -> I am a happy bunny ... And that's exactly what this weekend was is all about. Will share more soon but for now this is a quick post with some awesome shots my Mom took of Dr. Fab and me. It is so rare that we have someone to take our silly fun poses. Now that she is here, we are making most of this opportunity. 

P.S. Must add her name to my Photographer's list. She most definitely qualifies ;)

The look on my face below, hence the title!

 Necklace - Gift from Diksha [12']
Blue Ring - C&Co. [12']
Silver Ring - via Poshmark [12']
Bracelets - Here & There [12']
Footwear - From Dubai [07']

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