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Relaxed Vibe

The spring had sprung in Texas, but the summer is already here now! And we are still is April. *sigh* If you wish to get out of the house, you can do so either before 11am or after 7pm. It works for us as we are early-to-bed-and-early-to-rise-kinda-couple. 

We are spending this weekend catching up on the last season of Spartacus, leaving home only for workout and ice cream ;). Suddenly life has taken over my much-cherished-laziness and I cannot seem to make time to watch weekly television. Hence, Dr. Fab and I have found a solution - Have weekend marathons of one sitcoms at a time. It is kinda-like watching a longggg movie, which I much prefer, rather than spending the whole week in anxiety of not knowing, "What happens to Crixus' next!?!?" [My favorite character, played by Manu Bennet, in Spartacus!] ... So that's what I am up to, hence the relaxed outfit below. What are you doing this weekend? 

Heels - Gucci [05']
Tee - Macy's [11'] Similar
Shades - D&G [11'] Similar
Shorts - Rachel Roy [11'] Similar
Necklace - Streets of Bombay [11'] Similar

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