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Photographer Appreciation Week: Part 2

8:00 PM

... And I continue to show off my fabulous photographers who have made my blog look all pretty and colorful in the past two years. (Its like a match made in heaven). Get ready for the Part 2 ...

Photographer Appreciation Week: Part 2

PhotographerAnita (Myraa)
QualitiesGenerous, Loving, and Helpful

Ladies & Gentleman, I present to you Anita Dhanwani - Myraa Ahuja [best thing that happened to me after chocolate! ;)]. She is my dearest friend who also happens to be a professional photographer with her own studio in Dubai [Imprint Design] and everything. Imagine having a friend who never gets tired of clicking, and if you know me, I never get tired of getting clicked [Like I had said, match made in heaven!]. She is one those people, who instantly put you at ease and enamor you with their warmth and humor. She has taken some of my favorite shots with my husband. I don't know how she does it, but she manages to capture the right moment. ALWAYS! I wish we lived close by 'coz then I would have the luxury of getting glamour shots everyday [I kid!] ... But really, if you live in middle-east (or asia) and you have not shot with her yet, then you are a fool! This is not a biased opinion at all. I have proofs. M.A.N.Y.  

Original Post - Here
Original Post - Here
Original Post - Here
All the good shots in this slide show are taken by Anita!

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