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Lust : Clutches

8:00 AM

I am a sucker for color! Shame on you if you don't already know that! :P So when I set my eyes on the Kunst collection I instantly fell in love. These four are my ABSOLUTE favorite. I can see them going with half my wardrobe already. Specially 3# ... its like bursting with color!

Some times in January I was introduced to the brand Kunst and I was so mad that I didn't know about it just a few months earlier. Had I known I would have definitely picked a few of these pieces to go perfectly with my Indian Wear. *sigh!* 

While it might be a little out of reach for me right now, but if you live in India then you have an easy access to these amazing clutches with such intricate work. They would not only go with the Indian wear but also with evening dress/gowns and even Jeans if you are anything like me [though I doubt you are ;)]. 

Diksha the talented designer behind this brand and my loyal reader is offering a 25% discount on all the clutches here and a 15% discount on the latest collection here. Just mention the code KT-27 while placing the order. Unfortunately this is only valid for the customers in India for now but if you really really like it, then let me know and I will see what I can do! ;)

Check out more of the collection at Shop Kunst - Facebook Email 

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