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All throughout my school days I had been a class prefect. I think it might have something to do my very strict and disciplined approach to life. But I wonder if it was as apparent as now, even when I was 9 years old? 

In my junior school, there was a custom, that one class prefect had to pick a proverb and explain its meaning, during the morning assembly every Monday. I specifically remember that in class/grade 3, when I was the prefect my class teacher gave me the proverb - 'blood is thicker than water' -  to dissect in front of the whole school. This is a good point in the story to mention that I am terrified of public speaking. I can talk non-stop as long as the audience is at my eye level, but put me on the stage with hundred eyes staring at me and I will magically start speaking in Greek, Mandarine and Zulu mixed together. Of course I have not even attempted to learn any of these languages ever. As always, I went to my Grandfather with my new assignment. He thoroughly enjoyed sharing his knowledge of English literature and grammar with me. So as usual he gave me all his insight into the proverb and how it came into use, with his natural candor and passion for all-things-listerature. Unlike my 9-year-old-self, today I understand the meaning much better but what is MORE surprising is that unlike my 9-year-old-self, I have started to believe the proverb to hold true for several years now. 

Back then when my grandfather had anatomized the proverb for me I had absolutely disregarded it as - Thats so-NOT-TRUE! I was so sure that I loved my friends more than my relatives/family. I could do without them but definitely could not do without my friends. But today I can see what he meant. It is not so much about like/dislike or whom you want to go watch movies with or party with, it is about  - For whom does your heart ache when you see them in trouble? For whom can you not stand a single word against? Of course it doesn't hold true for every.single.blood.relative but it does hold true ... at least more than it did to my 9-year-old-self! ... and there is a sigh! of relief behind many screens around the world right now, as most of my stalkers are actually my relatives :P 

I was planning to wear this dress with pretty-peep-toes but Texas weather is so darn unpredictable! In the end I had to add tights and a leather jacket and switch peep-toes with boots! ... And ladies and gentlemen, that's how you turn a spring/summer look into a fall/winter look in less than 10 minutes!

P.S. This is what I wore for the TxSC Swap.

Jacket - French Connection [04']
Skirt - French Connection [05']
Dress (worn as a top) - Vero Moda [12']
Necklace - Francesca's [09']
Earrings - Giveaway via City Brewed [11']
Bracelets - From Delhi [07'/11']
Boots - Børn [10']

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