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Youngsters, December 1st 2011

Finally I received the pictures from my brother's wedding ceremonies. There are 1000's of them to choose from. I will share them with you slowly, but surely!

For now, I cannot believe this was 2 months ago! I had been waiting for my brother's wedding, ever since my own wedding ... and now its already over. I feel there is nothing left to look forward to anymore *sob* ... Anyone wants to invite me for their wedding? 

P.S. Well, Hello February! You make me wait for 11 months and often 2 days short, but you know, I lurrrvvee you! :o) 

Dress - Diane von Furstenberg [11']
Clutch - Shashank & Prajwal [11']
Pumps - Aldo [11']



Sister In Law 

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