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Wedding, December 4th 2011

I am so proud of my organizational skills. I have OCDs, in case you didn't already know. Some are super weird. For example, I need to finish what I am writing on one sheet of paper. I do not like if I have written one extra line which extends to the next sheet. If that happens I will try and edit it until I can fit it all in one page. 

All my plans and resolutions need to start on the 1st and end on the last day of the month or start on Monday and end on Sunday. I cannot commit to a month long plan which begins, say, on the 7th of a month. That just wouldn't happen. I would wait till the 1st. 

The reason for giving you all this random-back-story is that this is the last outfit from my Brother's Wedding Ceremonies, about which started posting on the 1st Feb and now am ending it on the 29th Feb, i.e. Perfection

If you missed them, here are the links:
Youngsters, December 1st 2011
Sagai, December 2nd 2011
Sangeet, December 2nd 2011
Three Ceremonies, December 3rd 2011

I don't know when I will get to wear a Saree again.
Not for a very long time, unless one of you invite me with an airline ticket! ;) 

 All the above AWESOME shots have been taken by 
my super talented photographer friend, Anita, in the red outfit below. 
If any of you are ever in Dubai you MUST contact her for a photo shoot. 
 My Outfit: Saree & Jewelry - Both Vintage - Family Heirloom
Husband's Outfit : Designed by Me!

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