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Three Ceremonies, December 3rd 2011

It would seem lame that knowing I would want to blog about all my outfits I never bothered getting 'properly' clicked for any of them. In my defense I was functioning on less than 4 hours of sleep and attending to the needs and wants of my mother & brother during the whole time. Blog, clearly, was the last thing on my mind. However, in retrospect I feel I should have at least taken out 2 minutes to get a proper picture clicked. And now that you have read my rather longgg justification, please excuse me for the blurry and poor quality of pictures below. They have been cut-and-cropped from random places, I'd rather not discuss! :P

So this was a long day with three ceremonies back-to-back, I didn't have to do three wardrobe changes. But then knowing me, why wouldn't I? Right? And before you judge me, even my Mom did three wardrobe changes. In our defense, what's the point to having access to all these colorful garments and jewelry stores if you are not going to wear it when it matters? 

P.S. Morning & Antakshri Outfits are designed by me and Mom. 

Morning - Haldi

Afternoon - Bhaat

Night - Antakshri
↑ That's my dancing face :P 

P.S. In the spirit of the LONG WEEKEND here in the U.S. the comments have been disabled. If you really wanna say something special to me, do email or FB me ;)

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