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Style & Posh

I recently came across by the brand Stylein by the Swedish designer, Elin Nystrom. I instantly fell in love with her collection. I have a thing of fluid textures and flowing silhouettes and her collection is filled with it. Some of the pieces I am loving from her Spring collection are the Figure Dress, Step Top and First Coat. She also talks about how it all came together on her blog which I enjoyed reading Let me know what you guys think?   

Jacket - Michael Kors [08'] 
Top - Armani [09'] 
Skirt - c/o Stylein [11'] 
Bracelets - ASOS [10']
Necklace - ASOS [11'] 
Shoes - Ted Baker [09'] 

As you guys must already know, on Thursday, I attended the Poshmark party, organized by Tracy, Maria & Joanna. We met at the OCHO lounge at Hotel Havana (a hidden treasure by the way!). The evening was a perfect girl's-nighht-out, with conversations about bloggers, blogging, readers and trends. There were constant updates on Instagram, of course. We created some listings on Poshmark App with our respective i-Phones and ended the day Texas-style with a few Margaritas and some chips and dips. 

Check out the pictures from the event on poshmark’s facebook page. Shout out to my fellow San Antonio Blogger Buddies Linda, Sarah, Tyesha, and the style dossier (sisters!). A BIG thank you Poshmark team for an awesome evening!

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