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Shopaholic Tendencies

Last month I was interviewed by a fellow blogger, Komal. She asked me, "Do you sometimes feel that certain blogs urge people towards shopaholic tendencies?" You can check my answer here

Some how this question has been on my mind again lately and I realized I have more to add to my answer. Fashion/Style Blogging DOES push you towards the Shopaholic tendencies. Period. There are no two ways about it. The products and the "in" thing is shoved in your face day-in-and-day-out. "Oh! Neons are In!", "No wait, now Pastels are In", "I NEED that asymmetrical skirt in my life right now", "O.but I must get my hands on that blazer!", "I would kill for those shoes" etc. etc. etc. Sounds familiar? Yes, right? Well then, we are addicts. You and me, alike. 

How do I deal with it? 

1. I have a budget and I stick to it NO MATTER WHAT. On average I am not willing to spend more than $20.00 on any piece of clothing. If it is over $20.00 it really has to be worth it. Like an investment piece - Leather Jacket, Winter Boots, Straight Leg Jeans, etc. Something that will last me for a long time regardless of the fashion or location. 

2. I purchase most of the clothes in end of season sale instead of when they are "IN" and full price. I have said it before, and I repeat, I am not about to be featured on a red carpet or a celebrity magazine anytime soon. No one cares when I wear my clothes. I could have purchased it when it was a "NEW ITEM" in store and just got around wearing it towards the end of the season. Who's to question? And if they do, how dare they? Mind our own beewax!

So what am I saying here? I am saying don't let me, or any other blogger, or magazine or celebrity or an advertisement influence you in purchasing something you really don't need. Think for yourself. Everyone has the right to say and sell what they want, but its up to YOU to buy it OR NOT

I did a couple of photo shoots with my brother while I was in India. 
I thought its about time I shared the pictures. He is good, isn't he? :)

Shoes – Nine West via TJ Maxx for $15.00 [11']
Dress – By Shashank & Prajwal (Indian Designers) [11']
Pictures Courtesy – TJ Photography

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