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Sagai, December 2nd 2011

After the Youngsters, the next evening was the "Sagai" ceremony. If you wish to know about the rituals from the ceremony you can check the link here. 

I was wearing a lehnga-style Saree with the front-pallu and had my hair in an updo. I had tried both these things for the first time. Usually I like to wear my Saree with the back-pallu and like to keep my hair down and simple. (If you have checked the posts from my own wedding, then you already know that!) But since this is the LAST wedding in my family, I thought if I don't experiment now, then when will I?

What is a front/back Pallu? These two primary ways to wear a Saree. The stole-kinda material you see falling in front from the shoulder down till my knees, is called the 'pallu' and this is how it looks when it is worn in front. You can see how it looks when worn back, herehereherehere & here.  WOAH! So that makes this my SIXTH post in a Saree on the blog. Not bad, eh? :)

P.S. If you are already following me on twitter then you might have already seen the back of the outfit.

Unfortunately, this is the only full shot I have courtesy Anita!
Brother & Sister-in-Law 

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