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Reader's Spotlight (V)

Today's Reader's Spotlight is on - Nidhi.

Hey Tanvi

I recently had a farewell at my school where we had to dress in a saree. I am sending you a picture of me in the same and I want to know what you think about it. I have been a great fan of your blog for some months now and I think you are absolutely amazing. 

I am not wearing much accessories as it was a school thing. 

P.S. My friends think I kind of look like you due to the nose ring. Do I?  

Lots of love

O.M.G. Nidhi, you are a vision in this saree. I am so glad you sent me a picture of yourself in a Saree as people seldom do that on Indian Blogs. I love the riot of colors and as far as I am concerned you are looking lovely. Completely understandable that you kept it light on the accessories due to the venue. That's exactly my motto, dress according to the place and occasion. 

And about your question. I don't know if you look like me, but you do look amazing and the nose ring really suits you! :) What's the verdict readers? Do you like the look as much as I do? P.S. Genuine feedback is welcome, nasty criticism is not.  

If you have been inspired by my blog and wish to share your outfit with everyone feel free to email me your photo. If you do not wish for your name to be revealed, you can choose to stay Anonymous.

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