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Reader's Spotlight (III)

Today's Reader Spotlight is on - Vidhi. 

Hi Tanvi ,

I absolutely love the idea of interacting through this medium. It will help us so much, to to know that whatever we, the readers, are trying to draw from your blog is going in the right direction or not.

I have always loved how you Mix & Match Indian outfits and pull it off as a western outfit and vice versa. This one idea, inspired from your blog, saved me recently at a friend’s wedding. I had absolutely nothing light in ethnic wear. I had heavy lachas or salwar suits and needed something lighter yet ethnic for the routine (smaller) functions. So I picked up these long skirts and teamed them up, once with an embroidered blouse and once with a kurti (tucked in). Added the dupattas from the salwar suits to complete the “Lacha” look. It worked just fine. I am super thankful to your posts, they proved exceedingly face-saving for me .

Much love and big hug for the fabulous blog .


Firstly, I am enjoying this series A LOT myself, because so many readers are coming in to the 'Spotlight' from the hiding. Thank you so much for writing it, because it is so wonderful to hear from you. 

I for one am all about comfort and less bling in Indian wear. I love how Vidhi has created an outfit out of long skirts, tunics/blouse and a dupatta. Even I hadn't thought of adding the dupatta when I wore a version of this look. It is not visible in these shots, but I do hope that you added some good accessories & footwear with the look, to give it an ethnic vibe. Would you all be brave enough to Mix & Match in an Indian outfit? P.S. Genuine feedback is welcome, nasty criticism is not.  

If you have been inspired by my blog and wish to share your outfit with everyone feel free to email me your photo. If you do not wish for your name to be revealed, you can choose to stay Anonymous.

Special Request Coming Up! ... Now... 

Lovers ... Stalkers ... ummm ... Readers, if you love me, then now is the time to show it. And if you don't ... err what are you doing here? *confused.look* 

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