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Dear Readers, Friends, fellow Bloggers, lurkers, stalkers, and random surfers who have no clue how they landed here [:P] but wished me nonetheless

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all the love and wishes that you have showered up on me. I am blessed to have so many well wishers all around the world. I know some of you left their first-ever-comment in the blogging world, just to wish me. That was one of the sweetest gestures evah. 

We often take such acts for granted but in today's world when it is an effort to even send an unwarranted SMS, to write a rather substantially long email to a stranger (me!) is definitely an act of kindness and love in my eyes. I am sure every blogger thinks that they have the best readers, but I am CERTAIN that I have the nicest and the kindest readers who spoil me with their unconditional, care and concern. You all made my BIG 3.0. ultra special. I do not have enough words in my vocabulary to express my gratitude and happiness. I thank you again for being part of my journey so far and hope you all will stick around till I reach my 50's ;) In the mean time, may our tribe grow...

With lots and lots of love and gratitude, 
Tanvi :o)

Husband whisked me away for the long weekend & my birthday to Portland, Oregan. You know me, I-need-no-presents. Just make me travel and I am a happy bunny :)

Jeans - Zara [11']
Sweater - ASOS [12']
Gloves - Saks [10']
Jacket - Burberry [09']
Necklace - INPINK [11']
Shoes - Me Too via TJ Maxx [09']
Cross Body Bag - Kenneth Cole [12']

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