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The Next Big Style Blogger

Okay! So from everyone's feedback yesterday, I realized that Refinery 29 hasn't made it all that simple to Vote after all. So here's what you have to do: 
  1. Click on the link and then on the Popular Contestant tab -> 
  2. Scroll down the page till you see my pretty (?) face (same picture as above).  
  3. Click on the heart "♡" on the top left.  
  4. When you do that it will ask you to let the Refinery App connect with your Facebook Profile. I know what you are thinking, "Hell, No! Identify theft and my privacy and what not. Don't worry nothing is gonna happen. Trust me. Just do it and when the challenge is over I'll tell you how to disable. Promise. P.S. Ask me, if I forget! ;)
  5. Click on the heart again and now it turns pink! It looks like this ->  and after you vote is turns like this -> 
  6. Just click on it ONCE, 'coz if you do it twice that is like "unlike" a.k.a. takes away your Vote. And we don't want that, now do we? ;)
For some reason you cannot vote from your smart phone. You will have to do it from a laptop or desktop. I know what a pain! However, like I said yesterday, you do this and you have my undying-unconditional-forever-type-a-love! Pinky-swear! ;) That's all for today. Tomorrow I will post the "Closet Remix" which usually is scheduled for Saturdays! 

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