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Sometimes I want to hunt down the person who started "It is rude to ask a woman's age" and shoot him (or her!). I, for one, have never got the logic! Why is it rude? Age is, after all, just a number and higher the number means you have managed to survive on this planet for that many years. I have never been ashamed to state my age. Not when I was 10, neither when I was 20 and not even when I am going to be 30 (soon!) ... What's the big deal? 

Whoever put this "It is rude to ask a woman's age" in mankind's head is the one to blame the society's fixation with "looking" young and "anti-aging" ... I know people mean it as a compliment when they say, "You don't look 30" but I take it as a mere observation. To me it actually means that I have been successful in taking care of myself in comparison to others my age (instead of abusing my skin with make-up and products). I have no issues looking 30. What I don't want is, to look 50 when I am actually 30. Sometimes I also think that it is not that I look younger than my age, it just might be that everyone around me looks older than their age. Maybe?

Regardless, I believe women should take pride in who they are ... and a part of that is taking pride in your age. [Read: My Mantra] It is after all, in your head. You decide what is cool and what isn't. Often we get stuck in these lames standards of society and forget what our real focus should be on, i.e. Good Health & Happy Life. 

I am looking forward to my 30s. 20s were for making mistakes and learning, and 30s are for implementing what I have learnt. So let the games begin...! 

Dress – RNA [11']
Shoes– Dolce Vita [10']
Bracelet – Les Parisiennes (Store in Delhi) [11']
Necklace – ASOS [11']
Pictures Courtesy – TJ Photography

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