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Wedding, December 4th 2011

I am so proud of my organizational skills. I have OCDs, in case you didn't already know. Some are super weird. For example, I need to finish what I am writing on one sheet of paper. I do not like if I have written one extra line which extends to the next sheet. If that happens I will try and edit it until I can fit it all in one page. 

All my plans and resolutions need to start on the 1st and end on the last day of the month or start on Monday and end on Sunday. I cannot commit to a month long plan which begins, say, on the 7th of a month. That just wouldn't happen. I would wait till the 1st. 

The reason for giving you all this random-back-story is that this is the last outfit from my Brother's Wedding Ceremonies, about which started posting on the 1st Feb and now am ending it on the 29th Feb, i.e. Perfection

If you missed them, here are the links:
Youngsters, December 1st 2011
Sagai, December 2nd 2011
Sangeet, December 2nd 2011
Three Ceremonies, December 3rd 2011

I don't know when I will get to wear a Saree again.
Not for a very long time, unless one of you invite me with an airline ticket! ;) 

 All the above AWESOME shots have been taken by 
my super talented photographer friend, Anita, in the red outfit below. 
If any of you are ever in Dubai you MUST contact her for a photo shoot. 
 My Outfit: Saree & Jewelry - Both Vintage - Family Heirloom
Husband's Outfit : Designed by Me!

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February in Pictures

One more day and February is over!

Until we meet again in 2013
Here's looking at you, Feb!

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Style & Posh

I recently came across by the brand Stylein by the Swedish designer, Elin Nystrom. I instantly fell in love with her collection. I have a thing of fluid textures and flowing silhouettes and her collection is filled with it. Some of the pieces I am loving from her Spring collection are the Figure Dress, Step Top and First Coat. She also talks about how it all came together on her blog which I enjoyed reading http://blog.stylein.se. Let me know what you guys think?   

Jacket - Michael Kors [08'] 
Top - Armani [09'] 
Skirt - c/o Stylein [11'] 
Bracelets - ASOS [10']
Necklace - ASOS [11'] 
Shoes - Ted Baker [09'] 

As you guys must already know, on Thursday, I attended the Poshmark party, organized by Tracy, Maria & Joanna. We met at the OCHO lounge at Hotel Havana (a hidden treasure by the way!). The evening was a perfect girl's-nighht-out, with conversations about bloggers, blogging, readers and trends. There were constant updates on Instagram, of course. We created some listings on Poshmark App with our respective i-Phones and ended the day Texas-style with a few Margaritas and some chips and dips. 

Check out the pictures from the event on poshmark’s facebook page. Shout out to my fellow San Antonio Blogger Buddies Linda, Sarah, Tyesha, and the style dossier (sisters!). A BIG thank you Poshmark team for an awesome evening!

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Makeover - K. Charles & Co.

N.B. I donated my hair to Locks of Love

Everyone I know is possessive about their hair. No one trusts a hair dresser easily. Men or Women, alike. I, however, am very trusting. I like experimenting and put my trust in the professionals. My theory is - Innocent until proven guilty and so far I have seldom been disappointed with the results.

When I moved to San Antonio in 2009 I was desperately in need for a hair cut but since I didn’t know a soul in the city, I turned to my trusted friend - Google. It gave me a couple of options and I went with K.Charles for no specific reason except that they are an Aveda Salon and I had been using Aveda products since 2005 and was/am in love with them still. They really smell like paradise.


Whenever I am trying a new salon I always go for the senior stylist, simply because I feel that since they have the most experience, hence they are less likely to F-up! I thank my stars that I got my very first appointment with Mindy and I have been in LOVE with her ever since. You know how everyone with long hair complains that their stylist is always cutting them shorter than they really wanted? Well, that has never been the case with me. Mindy and I are a match made in heaven. She always listens to what I want and I always give her a margin of creativity to surprise me. For after all she is the expert. In past 3.5 years, each and every hair cut of mine has been nothing less than a hair orgasm. I look forward to my hair appointments with Mindy like a teenager looks forward to his/her date.


Besides, the fact that I love Mindy, I also love the staff over at K. Charles. Everyone is so friendly, polite and pleasant that it’s a pleasure to even wait for the appointment. oh! and they provide complimentary hand rubs while you are waiting. I always look forward to the delays :P ... I have also availed various other services at the salon like make-up for my Anniversary Date, Manicures, Facials, Waxing etc. and I have never had any complaints.

No Gratuity

I also appreciate the Salon’s ‘no gratuity’ policy not because I do not wish to pay, it simply takes the stress of ‘how much’ and to ‘whom all’ away. During a single appointment I come across about 3-4 K.Charles associates (Hand Rub, Shampoo, Stylish, Receptionist) and all of them play a part in my salon experience, so whom do you ‘tip’ and whom do you not? I’d rather they include it in the price and take my worries away.

If you live in San Antonio or are visiting and need a little R&R don't forget to make an appointment with Mindy. 

Favorite : Green Pants

These are my favorite pants, simply 'coz they fit like a glove and I can practically live in them! 
Best part? Got them on Sale from GAP for $15.00 last year!
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Thank you for visiting! 

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Reader's Spotlight (VI)

Today's Reader's Spotlight is on - Richa 

*this is paraphrased as per my telephonic-conversation with Richa*

Hi Didi (that's how you address elder sister in Hindi)

I want to send you a picture for the "Reader's Spotlight" segment. Let me know what u think of this outfit. I am wearing a combination of checks with stripes. I would have never thought of wearing these two prints together before I started reading your blog!

a) I think you look super cute. 
b) I love the clash of prints AND the clash of colors.
c) Those hearts on your flats are adooorable
d) I lurrrve the fact that you follow my blog so religiously and are so supportive *hugs*
e) P.S. I want that Trench coat! ;)

This is me trying to be objective since she is family and I love her but ... you guys aren't related [:P], so what do you guys think? Only kinds words allowed ;) 

I would like to Thank everyone who has sent their pictures for the Reader's Spotlight. I will continue to post them every Friday in the same order that I have received the email. 

For all the new followers, this is the segment where my readers get to share their style or ask of suggestions (if they need any!) from all my readers. So if you have been inspired by my blog then Email me your outfit pictures for this feature. If anyone wishes to stay Anonymous just say the word!
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Dear Readers, Friends, fellow Bloggers, lurkers, stalkers, and random surfers who have no clue how they landed here [:P] but wished me nonetheless

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all the love and wishes that you have showered up on me. I am blessed to have so many well wishers all around the world. I know some of you left their first-ever-comment in the blogging world, just to wish me. That was one of the sweetest gestures evah. 

We often take such acts for granted but in today's world when it is an effort to even send an unwarranted SMS, to write a rather substantially long email to a stranger (me!) is definitely an act of kindness and love in my eyes. I am sure every blogger thinks that they have the best readers, but I am CERTAIN that I have the nicest and the kindest readers who spoil me with their unconditional, care and concern. You all made my BIG 3.0. ultra special. I do not have enough words in my vocabulary to express my gratitude and happiness. I thank you again for being part of my journey so far and hope you all will stick around till I reach my 50's ;) In the mean time, may our tribe grow...

With lots and lots of love and gratitude, 
Tanvi :o)

Husband whisked me away for the long weekend & my birthday to Portland, Oregan. You know me, I-need-no-presents. Just make me travel and I am a happy bunny :)

Jeans - Zara [11']
Sweater - ASOS [12']
Gloves - Saks [10']
Jacket - Burberry [09']
Necklace - INPINK [11']
Shoes - Me Too via TJ Maxx [09']
Cross Body Bag - Kenneth Cole [12']

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Posh Party Invite

Poshmark one of the sponsors of the 2012 Texas Style Council Conference is coming to San Antonio tomorrow. Me and my co-host Linda would like you invite you all to the “Posh” party! Poshmark has embarked on a “Texas Tour” this week where they are throwing three awesome shopping parties starting with Dallas, Austin, and then San Antonio. Join me on Thursday, February 23rd, 6-9pm CST, as I host their Alamo City leg of the tour with cocktails, selling and shopping at the OCHO lounge at Hotel Havana.

Poshmark is a free shopping app for i-Phone users that allows you to sell and buy stylish items from women across the country (including many of your favorite bloggers). The theme for Thursday night is “spring dresses.” If you are ready to part with some of your spring clothing, poshmark can help you find a new home for them. You don’t need to bring all those clothes to the party. Take a few pictures with your iPhone before the party, and then create the listings at the posh party. If also happen to be attending TXSC on March 9-11th, come out to the party and get a chance to meet many the other attendees in advance. Send your RSVP to rsvp@poshmark.com. See you, there!

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New Decade

For my ability to ALWAYS look at future with positivity and enthusiasm.

  I just know it in my heart that 30s are going to be 
wait for it - 
starting from today ...
It's my Birthday!

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Three Ceremonies, December 3rd 2011

It would seem lame that knowing I would want to blog about all my outfits I never bothered getting 'properly' clicked for any of them. In my defense I was functioning on less than 4 hours of sleep and attending to the needs and wants of my mother & brother during the whole time. Blog, clearly, was the last thing on my mind. However, in retrospect I feel I should have at least taken out 2 minutes to get a proper picture clicked. And now that you have read my rather longgg justification, please excuse me for the blurry and poor quality of pictures below. They have been cut-and-cropped from random places, I'd rather not discuss! :P

So this was a long day with three ceremonies back-to-back, I didn't have to do three wardrobe changes. But then knowing me, why wouldn't I? Right? And before you judge me, even my Mom did three wardrobe changes. In our defense, what's the point to having access to all these colorful garments and jewelry stores if you are not going to wear it when it matters? 

P.S. Morning & Antakshri Outfits are designed by me and Mom. 

Morning - Haldi

Afternoon - Bhaat

Night - Antakshri
↑ That's my dancing face :P 

P.S. In the spirit of the LONG WEEKEND here in the U.S. the comments have been disabled. If you really wanna say something special to me, do email or FB me ;)

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More About Me

So I have a confession, I have not done any outfit shoots since ... oh well! since, this outfit. Sometimes it was due to time constraints, sometimes 'coz it was too cold, the other times 'coz I was lazy! But Hail! iPhone. Whenever I did get a chance I tried to get one pic clicked, at least! for your sake. I tell you, the things I do for ya'll!  

Johanna from Handmade Dreams of Mine had tagged me last month! Such a wonderful thing to get tagged and have another excuse to talk about myself. It is like I do not even have to make an excuse any more! :P

1. Who's your biggest fashion inspiration?
- Life!

2. What's your number one place to meet with friends?
- Coffee Shop

3. If you could travel anywhere in the world for a holiday, where would you choose to go?
- Well, I want to go to every.single.country in the world. But you mean, right.now-right.now then that would have to be Costa Rica.

4. What was your dream profession when you were little?
- It kept changing from Astronaut, Teacher, Police Woman, Actress, to finally a Hotelier.

5. If they made a movie about your life, who would you cast to play you?
- Kareena Kapoor if they are making it in Hindi & Scarlett Johansson if its being made in Hollywood.

6. What's your favourite of the spring trends?
- Trends-Shrends! ... but for the sake of answering I am looking forward to wearing flowing-feminine-dresses again.

7. What do you appreciate the most in your life?
- My perfect childhood!

8. What is the movie you have seen the most recently?
- We watch movies every night. [Yes! We need a cinema-rehab, but I'll only go if they allow movies there :P]

9. If you could choose any supernatural skill (or any skill we as normal humans don't have), what would be your choice?
- Fly! Will help me save on airfare while I go visit every.country.in.the.world.

10. What's the biggest/most important New Year's resolution you made this year?
- I didn't make any. To make less resolutions, is my resolution this year.

11. Name one person, who has made the biggest influence in your life. (and if you want to, tell why)
- It is hard to pick one person. But if I had to I would say my parents. I have inherited the best from both of them

12. Where could I find clothes that you feature? 
- You might want to check some major retailers or Meijer promotional codes can find some deals similar to my wardrobe.

P.S. In the spirit of the LONG WEEKEND here in the U.S. the comments have been disabled. If you really wanna say something special to me, do email or FB me ;)

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