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WUWT: You are so lucky

Disclaimer: I know I have a lot to be thankful for in my life. This post is NOT about me being ungrateful, JUST about one of my pet-peeves!

N.B. WUWT is an acronym for the phrase I often use when something doesn't make sense to me, i.e. "What's Up With That?"

So, I know that I write a lot about my life, and husband, and family and how it can sometimes come across as if my life is like a fairytale and I live among stars! But seriously you cannot truly believe that? Of course I am probably to blame a little if everyone cannot stop saying, "You are so lucky!" but excuse me if it gets annoying after a while. The only reason I do not write about the 'bad stuff' on the blog is because I do not wish to wash my dirty linen in public, or slander people on my blog. But trust me I have equal amount shizz in my life as the next person. So please quit saying, "You are so lucky!"

I might come across as a feminist, but it is more like a case of discrimination here! Seriously how come every decent thing my husband does for me, ends up in this reaction -> "You are so lucky!" from every woman and, "You must thank him!" from every man? 

He loves me, he supports me, dotes up on me, treats me like a queen but isn't this what a good partner would do regardless, when you are in a relationship? And why would you choose to be with a person who treats you like crap and don't support your dreams? And here's a shocker - I, too, love him, support him, am crazy about him and treat him like a king - but no one is coming and telling him, "He is lucky" & "You should thank her!" ... WHY? #notetoself Must ask the husband to start a blog where he writes about everything I do and I shall direct everyone to it!

Some more 'annoying' examples:
"You are so lucky you get to travel so much!" Errr, I don't party, I don't eat out much and I don't buy jewelry - Hence, I can travel! 

"You are so lucky you didn't put on weight after loosing it once!" Ya right! Lucky has absolutely nothing to do with. I sweat plenty for that!

"You are so lucky, you have such lovely hair!" I oil them once a week. Do not use hair products (except Moroccan oil). Do not use hair dryers/curler/iron daily either. And of course I eat healthy! 

However, I do think I am lucky that my parents gave me a good childhood and education. I mean they could have totally abandoned or ignored me to the point that I became a basket-case and was in some rehab! 

P.S. And it just so happens that my fellow blogger Neha had touched up on the same topic few days back! 

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