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Reader's Spotlight (II)

Today's Reader Spotlight is on - Soomya. 

She is my stylish and super supportive sister-in-law (husband's cousin). Thank You, Soms for being such a sport and always saying the kindest things. 

I had a fun time putting this outfit together for a Dinner with my friends. Since it was cold and dark here in Delhi (December 2011) and I hate wearing black and grey, I decided to play with polka dots. As Tanvi has often suggested, I picked one piece from my closet and planned the outfit around it. I picked the polka dot skirt and paired it with black leggings and a black dinner jacket. I wore a neutral color like white in between to avoid the overdose of pink. I added the finishing touches to the outfit with a string of pearls, lots of bangles (obsessed with them) and black watch.

The inspiration of wearing a white tank with a black net patch came from this post, however, the outfit is loosely inspired from this post. P.S. I am completely in awe of TANVI not just because we are related but for her classic, fun and very inspirational style!

I think it is a super cute look. I love the finishing touches. And let's not forget the satchel which is playing an amazing contrast against the pink skirt. There is nothing like brightening up the cold & dull winter evenings with some bright colors. Whats your verdict people? P.S. Genuine feedback is welcome, nasty criticism is not.   

If you have been inspired by my blog and wish to share your outfit with everyone feel free to email me your photo. If you do not wish for your name to be revealed, you can choose to stay Anonymous.

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