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Night Princess

As ironic as it is going to sound, yesterday I had a wonderful conversation with a lady at my gym. No, she was not the same Indian lady from the other day. She was American and very much born-and-bred-Texan. We spoke about travel, life, her kids, world economy among many other things. I was fascinated that she lived in Paris for a couple of years but didn't enjoy it due to the grey and gloomy weather. So there, I do love having conversations with people, its just they have to be conversations and not an interrogation! :) 

Here's another outfit from one of out many pleasant evenings in Hawaii!
I bet you are tired of my Hawaii reminiscing, so I promise this is the last I mention of it. 

You can check here what I wore in Hawaii for the remaining of the 7 days! 
Dress - ASOS [11']
Shoes - ALDO [11']
Bag - Marc Jacobs [10']
Bangles - Gift from Richa [11']

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.  

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