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Navajo Print

Artificial Intelligence

Have you had people steal your thoughts? Let me elaborate. You spoke to someone about your philosophies and/or beliefs in life and they seem all-smitten by your every word and then few days later they present the same thoughts and views to another set of people, in your presence, mind you! as their own and act all mighty and elite. Yeh? That's Artificial Intelligence.

Have you had people steal your ideas? You come up with a brilliant concept or campaign or even a recipe and and then someone comes along and lifts it right-off-your-hands. Goes ahead and implements it using the same fundamentals/ingredients, of course, without giving any credit to you. Hence, becomes the 'enlightened-one' in his/her minuscule life. In other words, Artificial Intelligence

Have you had people steal your creativity? That's when you are creative (duh!) and pitch an idea to someone (professional/personal) and they reject it outright or act like they are not impressed. Then turn around and pitch the same idea back to you like they have cracked the code of life and attained nirvana instantly. You cannot help, but stare at them and wonder, what just happened? i.e. they have gained Artificial Intelligence.

In other words, these are exactly the kind of people who do not have their own stream of thought, or ideas or even beliefs. They exist on stolen identities. They 'pretend' to be intelligent. I would like to believe that often, they are not even aware of it and hence, I give them benefit of doubt. However, sometimes cannot help but wonder if they are doing it intentionally? ... pretending not only to others but also to themselves and hiding away from the reality of their life. I do hope that my friend A Brit Greek is right about this -> 'KARMA: No need for revenge, just sit back & wait. Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves & if you are lucky, God will let you watch'.

Dress - Forever 21 [December Sales 11']
Boots - DP Italia [10']
Knee High Socks - ASOS [10']
Beads - From Ladakh [09']
Pendant - From Goa 11']
Earrings - c/o INPINK [11']
Bracelet - Gift [From Brother 11']
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