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I am Blue

May be it is a cultural thing, may be it is not but I would not know unless I read your comments but here's what I am talking about: [Disclaimer: I am talking purely about first impressions here and not someone you have known forever and ever!

During my trip to India recently, I realized that my version of a 'good person' is very different from the version of most people in my country (or at least the ones I have met in my life so far!). It is not easy to impress me. I do not get bowled over by anyone and everyone. I am not very generous with compliments or praises either <- that I think I got in my genes. I won't tell from which parent though [:P]. So where were we? Oh! ya I was saying I have pretty high (only 'coz they are rare) but simple standards in terms of whom I will call a "good person" upon first meeting. I was able to make a list of what characteristics I consider a "good person" should have: 

My List: 
- Punctual 
- Well mannered, Polite & Respectful
- Greets you pleasantly
- Treats his/her family right and has well disciplined children
- Let's the other person finish their sentence before speaking
- Takes equal initiative in making small talks
- Says Thank You, Excuse Me, & Sorry when required

You've got all this covered? Well, then Congratulations! You are a "Good Person" in my books based upon first impression. 

But there's a different story among my other countrymen:
- Doesn't matter if you arrive late 
- Doesn't matter if you are loud and behave like a borderline drunk  
- No one cares if your children are misbehaving and tearing the place down
- Doesn't matter if you pick all the wrong topics for small talk
- Also, doesn't matter if you bump into people and never apologize

If you wish to be popular with people (who aren't me, of course!) you need to be syrupy-sweet (a.k.a. fake!), must know how to liven up the party, should be an expert at non-sensical conversations and then should have mastered the art of buttering-up the host to no end. Tick? Tick? Tick? Congratulations! You just became the most popular guest and by default a very-very (yes! thats two verys) "good person". 

P.S. The "good person" from my books will probably called snooty, arrogant and/or boring. Go figure!  

We took these pictures while it was drizzling. 
You must commend me for my blogging dedication, right? 
Also, for my photographer's entertainment I broke in to a dance [check: video!]. 

Sweater - French Connection [05']
Shirt - Tailor Made via Richa [11']
Shoes - Steve Madden [09']
Bow - c/o Sproos Shop [11']
Jeans - Miss Sixty [09']
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