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Gypsy Girl

On Sunday we were watching this movie WARRIOR [A must watch, btw, if you haven't already!] and randomly my mind started wandering about how since over thousands and thousands of years, two absolute strangers have decided to get married (or become partners) and willingly taken the decision to become part of each others' happiness and troubles. I mean, isn't it quite amazing, how closely we get involved and how everything about our lives get intertwined with each other? Our finances, professional decisions, inter-personal relationships which once, were independent of each other, today practically are woven together so tightly that the threads can barely even been seen!?!? I am not quite sure, I am being able to translate my thoughts into words here today but all I am trying to say that it seems like an endearing phenomenon specially since human beings are essentially selfish so how does our pain and sufferings unite with this one person. And then we spend rest of our lives trying to make each other's "life" a little more easier, happier, fuller. Isn't it wonderful and amusing at the same time? Has anyone else ever wondered about it? 

I mull-over these trivialities of life and then hubby comes back from work with cake and ice cream and I think, "Whatever, Life is good!" ...  oh! and all you single people don't bother about it just yet. party and live it up till the real life and its necessary evils sneak up on you! :) 

Another blessed afternoon from the Hawaii Trip!

Hat - Nine West via Macy's [08']
Dress- Target [11']
Footwear - Aldo [07']
Bag - Stylecaster via IFB [11']

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