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Black & Teal

Yesterday I decided to go back to my old gym. I hadn't gone there in a long time, simply 'coz I we moved houses and I took up new activities, but that's for another post. Here's the conversation I had with an Indian Aunty lady I met for the first time. 

When I entered the studio, there was just the two of us at the moment:

Lady: Hi! 
Me: Hi! 
Lady: I have not seen you here before. 
Me: Ya, I usually go to the other location, at xyz
Lady: Ah! I go there too, I haven't seen you there either. 
Me: Hmmm ... must be the different timings then. 

Lady: Indian?
Me: Yes! **
Lady: Gujarati?
Me: No! *blank.face*
Lady: Marwari?
Me: No! **
Lady: Then?
Me: Just Indian, from India. **
Lady: Oh! 

Lady: By the way my name is (let's call her ->) Lmnop. 
Me: Nice to meet you, I am Tanvi. 
Lady: I just went to Bangalore. Met so many Indians there. 
Me: (duhh!) That's nice. **
Lady: I went to India after 28 years.
Me: Wow, that's a long time. 

Lady: Punjabi?
Me: No! *are.we.still.on.the.same.topic.?.!.?*
Lady: But Hindu? Sikh? Christian? or?
Me: ** Hindu.*sigh!*
Lady: *with a satisfaction of getting some answer from me* I met a Punjabi couple when I went to India, their daughter's name was also Tanvi. That's why your name sounds familiar. 
Me: *don''* Hmmmm *

Lady: So you go to college here?
Me: No, I am married. **
Lady: Kids?
Me: *here.we.go.again* No. *with.a.stern.face*
Lady: Oh! How long have you been married?
Me: ** For almost 5 years.
Lady: How long have you been in U.S.?
Me: For almost 5 years. 
Lady: So, right after your marriage. 
Me: *when.will.this.interrogation.get.over* Yes! 
Lady: All the while in San Antonio?
Me: No, we stayed in Austin for little over a year. 
Lady: What does your husband do?
Me: He is a scientist. **

Lady: ** What does he research about?
Me: *I.take.two.steps.back* His research is about yada yada yada 
Lady: *starts.her.long.monologue* My husband is a physician, he would understand your husband's work much more [**]. When my husband finished his degree, he too did his research in yada yada yadaMy parents are originally from Bombay but when I was born they moved to Hyderabad. So me and my younger sibling are brought up there. We are 4 brothers and sister. Then we all moved to Houston and I did my higher studies here. When I got married I moved to San Antonio and now we have been here for 18 years. That's as long as my eldest son's age. He is 18 years old. *Pause* Do you have any family or brothers and sisters here?
Me: ** No. Its just me and my husband. 

*** ... right then the aerobics instructor entered ... THANK GOD! *** 

... And people say I don't have patience! 
If this is not the testament of my incredible level of patience then I don't know what is! 

Running errands! *!* ;)

Sweater - Banana Republic [09']
Scarf - Inherited from Mom [10']
Shoes - Jessica Simpson [08']
Earrings - c/o INPINK [11']
Jeans - Zara [11']
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