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Black & Orange


Don't send me Friend Request on Facebook:

- Just because we have 10 friends in common (doesn't make you my friend
- Just because you are my cousin's cousin (doesn't make you my cousin)
- Just because we went to the same kindergarten (that was like 27 years ago! Seriously!)
- Just because I liked your comment on someone's status or picture (erm! I just didn't wanna repeat the same thing. It wasn't personal!)
- Just because we were at the same party and said Hello! I even say hello to people in the elevator (... to give you some perspective)
- Just because we happen to be tagged in a shot with 10 other people but haven't really met. (No! You are not my friend, no matter what you think)
- Just because you like my profile picture (I am flattered, really ...I am ... but seriously Don't!

Anyone else wants to add something to the list?

Bag - Karla's Closet for COACH [10']
Shirt - Forever 21 [December Sales 11']
Sweater - Boutique in Chicago [05']
Necklace - Gift from Mom [10']
Shoes - BCBG [08']
Jeans - GAP [11']
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