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3 Years & Counting ...

Three years ago on 6th January 2009, I wrote my first post. So why didn't I write about it 2 days ago? Oh! Well. Looks like my brain cells are dying and I didn't recall the 'landmark' date up until midday 6th January 2012. But it was still just in time.

These past three years have been life altering for me in more than one way. Blogging has definitely been a HUGE part of the change and growth. I have met many fabulous people through this medium who have literally changed my life. I would have liked to mention all of them and thank them personally but I won't, only 'coz I do not want to leave anyone out. [But they know who they are!] I would, however, take this moment to thank EACH ONE OF YOU for reading, supporting and encouraging me over the past years. Through you my small-little-life has extended beyond countries and cultures. It has truly been a cherished journey so far ... and it continues ...

Unlike me, Mr. Fabulous remembered the date and its significance. 
Even took me out and made a celebration out of it. Almost felt like it was my Birthday! 

Necklace - Shop My Closet
Dress - Gift from Leia [11']
Leggings - via TJ Maxx [09']
Bangles - From India [11']
Blazer - Zara [10']
Boots - Zara [06']

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