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October 2011 in Review

Firstly, THANK YOU! I am glad the Mix & Match series are so well received. Made my time & effort that much worth while! :) I am aware that most people can't help themselves but 'pick' their favorite among the two looks, but the purpose is to show an item worn creatively, just fyi! 

This was a rather slow month on the blog. My enthusiasm for blogging always goes down as the year ends. This is rather becoming a trend I feel. On to the topics we discussed in the posts this month .... It is amazing that how we all are from different cultures and background and yet when the topic of women comes up there are so many similarities. I guess the struggles and stereotypes associated with women are same all around the world.

I had mentioned that my spirits weren't all that high earlier this month. So I decided to start running to leave my blues behind. I can say that it WORKED! I am feeling awesome lately *runner's.high*. 

I am also feeling awesome, 'coz when I asked Surbhi to go read my post, which I had written about her, she said that it made her day. This was the first time I was mentioning her on the blog, so I am glad she liked it. 

I never explained what the acronym WUWT meant. I assumed it would be self-explainatory. But I guess not! So here it is - it stands for 'What's up with that?' a series dedicated to my everyday rants and bitching. 

While it is true that I love sharing my pearls of wisdom on the blog, this post however, wasn't about my wisdom but more about what I had recently learnt. [Also, lack of matter to blog about pushed me to take this easy route :P] Also, I have learnt and made peace with the fact that I will always be 'hard on my myself' and always 'speak my mind'. I do not know another way to exist. It is what it is! 

Lastly, I *blush* with your kind words on this post. What can I say? I ♥ my man! ☺

Please, pick your favorite outfit from below 
& I will see you guys next month ;)

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Mix & Match (V) plus Mood Board - 'I am...' Vol.2

Wearing Maxi as Maxi Skirt - Here -> Here

One of the most worn items in my closet, this Maxi!

Since my first mood board was so popular, I thought why not do another one! :)

My many moods...

'I Am..' series was started by Whitney of The Meade Feed
I am a happy person
I am disciplined
I am strong-willed
I am head-strong
I am soft-hearted

'I am ..' Vol.1
...I will continue to add to this list!

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Man behind this Woman!

This post is 3 months late (due to a certain tech difficulties) but hey! better late than never, right? 

So today I am in the mood to talk about the wonderful man who is always behind the scenes of my blog - My husband! I am sure everyone knows by now that he is a scientist (hence we all know who has the the brains in this relationship. No arguments there!). Before meeting him I had never known a scientist in real life. It is safe to say my impression of this profession was heavily influenced by the stereotype portrayed in the books and films. And like most stereotypes, there is always an exception

Besides being intelligent, he is handsome, charming, compassionate, friendly ... I could go on and on and on ... I have lost most of my friends to him. They shamelessly declare that they prefer him over me. *sigh* But the best quality of his is that he never behaves like a typical 'Indian' man i.e. doesn't taunt me or stop me from shopping, never makes me feel guilty of leaving him behind and travel (if I do!), if I am busy writing a blog post (like right now) he cleans the kitchen and does the dishes (without me having to ask!), is always willing to take me on a holiday, makes midnight runs to the gas station if I run out of my chocolate stash (I am sure he is glad that I haven't asked him to do that in the last 4 months), never gets tired of listening to me talk about Salman, Hrithik & Aamir (Indian Actors!), and always accompanies me to all the movies I wanna watch and [beat this] also, manages to sit through the chick-flicks without whining. And of course, he was not a photographer till he met me but he has learnt the art over the past year, via research and youtube videos, just for me and my small little blog! He is my photographer, tech-support, proof reader, bounce board for ideas and punching bag. All-in-ONE! :D   

He is also, one of the funniest people I have ever met. He comes up with the wittiest and the cutest stuff, out-of-the-blue! Whenever he sees me eagerly checking my mail early in the morning, he knows I must have posted the night before and hence, will ask, "Movie release ho gayi?" [Translation: "Has the movie released?" Interpretation: "Is the new post up?"]. Whenever I cook something of his liking, he'll come up with new ways to compliment me. One recent compliment that I remember, "Tum annapurna ho!" [Translation: "You are bestower of food in great quantity"] ... You get he idea! :)

I am not saying that my life is perfect ... what I am saying is ... that ... he makes it worth it, to struggle through the imperfections!

I wasn't ready! I thought Husband was still checking the lighting and what-not!
Lighting seems fine, right?
But he didn't think so, and I got tired of waiting!
Tired and ready to go home! 
Top - BCBG [11']
Dress worn as skirt - ASOS [10']
Shoes - Dolce Vita [10']
Earrings - Bauble Bar [11']

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Diwali Wishes

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Perception & Interpretation

I have realized that Blogging is a tricky medium. You might be the best of writers but there is no guarantee that your post will be taken in the spirit that it was intended. So far I have written about 550 posts and I say this from experience that all of them have been misunderstood by someone or the other. 

Once I was being sarcastic, and some people thought I was upset and angry.
Once I was sharing travel stories and it some how turned into a religious debate.
Once I was being honest, and someone thought I was being arrogant.
Once I was being polite, and someone thought I was being a push over. 
... and I can go on and on and on ... 

Of course, none of this has stopped me from blogging or speaking my mind. That simply wouldn't change. But I have learnt that no matter how clear and simple I keep the posts there will always be an element of perception and interpretation, which again is subjected to the people who are reading it, their backgrounds, experiences, culture and sometimes their relation to me. I cannot control all this. So I have no option but to continue saying (writing) what I believe in. The only thing which IS in my control is - I can make sure that there is never a personal vendetta or evil intended against anyone. And trust me, there never is! 

P.S. There is always an option of not reading my blog if you don't like me or disagree with my thoughts. No hard feelings there...!        

Shoes - ALDO [11']
Cargo Pants - BCBG [09']
Kurta (Tunic) - Anokhi [Delhi, 11']
Earrings - Gift from Mom [10']
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Mix & Match (IV) plus How to Avoid Gaining Weight ...

Skirt worn as Dress - Here -> Here

This is by far, one of my favorite pieces of clothing I own!

I had Guest Posted the following post on Splurgerina last year!
How to Avoid Gaining Weight On Vacations 
Whenever someone asks me this question, I think to myself, “You are asking me? That has been the story of my life forever!” But then I think hard and realize, “Wait a second! There are certain ‘guidelines’ that I do set for myself.” Now I am not saying it’s a 100% foolproof plan but it has a 90% success rate [in my experience] if followed diligently.
Carry healthy snacks along with you – If luggage weight allows, pack a few healthy snacks in your bag [protein bars, vegetable chips, etc] to fulfill that mid-night craving which somehow attacks in double force when there is a mini-bar involved! [or is it just me?]. If you have luggage-weight issues, then try and pick up some imperishable groceries from a local store at your earliest convenience.
Walk! You heard me, WALK! – Well if you are a tourist then you might as well use your two legs and eyes to explore the city and for sightseeing [instead of taking cabs]. However, if you are out on business, you could hit the hotel gym or head out for a run at your convenience. Don’t be mistaken, it will take every ounce of ‘motivation’ [...and more] in your body to do that when away from home.
Make sure you eat your Breakfast – If you thought it was imperative that you ate your breakfast in your daily life, it is even more crucial that you eat breakfast while on a holiday! While away from home, it is more likely that you would reach for the ‘unhealthy’ choices before the ‘healthier’ ones. Therefore, you must satisfy your hunger first thing in the morning. At least then you will have a chance to say no to that ‘bagel/muffin/fruit cake’, whichever your eyes land on first.
Split the dessert – This rules applies even in daily life. Share your dessert with anyone you can find – colleague, spouse, parents, sibling etc. If you’re single – then even with a stranger. Well, anyone-would-do! This way you would be able to have desserts everyday but only half the calories, at least while you are on a holiday!
Drink Water – Well, a lot of times we are actually thirsty while our brain is listening to our heart [which is ‘always hungry’] and thus, it confuses us. Therefore, if you have had a meal within the last hour and then suddenly you smell/see french fries and feel hungry again, do yourself a favor – Have a big glass of water. It will only take few minutes and you will get a chance to re-analyze your decision on stomach filled with water.
Now my great advices, in no way imply that I am always bang-on, and/or that I never gain a pound on vacation. But I promise you that I try with everything I have got and I am successful 8 out of 10 times [unless I am visiting my Indian relatives/family who can only express their love via feeding me!]
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Hard on Myself!

One advice I receive over and over again (for the longest time that I can remember) is - "Don't be so hard on yourself!I guess I should be happy that everyone around me thinks I am hard on myself, but I do not share that opinion. I expect the best from myself. My goals, aims, aspirations ... they have always been 'to be the best version of myself'. Whether it was in academics or professionally, as a home maker or a blogger, as a friend or a daughter ... I have a certain expectation from myself and when I do not meet them, I am the first one to point it out. 

I think more often than not, I do a 'fair' assessment of myself. When I say I am not in my best shape, I mean I have been in a better shape, if I say I am not being productive enough, it only means I have achieved more in the past, etc. etc. ... and to expect anything less would mean a compromise or admittance of being mediocre. And God knows, I can be anything but mediocre. I'd rather not do it at all, than to be 'just-about-okay' at anything! 

Top - Banana Republic [11']
Jeans - Urban Outfitters [11']
Shoes - Ted Baker [09']
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Inspiration - Zara

Recent Realizations: 

  • Life seems easier when your parents support your decisions & ideologies 
  • Listen to everyone, but do only what your head & heart says
  • Learn to say No! It doesn't make you a bad person
  • Don't let anyone's "opinion of you", change who "you" really are
  • Speaking & Writing your mind ... takes courage
  • Don't ever feel guilty of being happy! :D
Inspiration - Zara Website
Scarf - Esprit [02']
Jeans - Zara [11']
Ring - ASOS [10']
Earrings - c/o IN PINK [11']
Shoes - Kenneth Cole [09']
Tee - Banana Republic [11']
Jacket - Urban Outfitters [10']
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Mix & Match (III)

Wearing a Skirt as a Top - Here -> Here

This is one of the most versatile tricks in the book!

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WUWT: Sense of Continuation

You know how you have some people in your life, whom you might meet after ages, but always seem to pick up right from where you left off? Yeah!? Well, this post is not about them. 

It is about exact opposite-kinda-people, with whom no matter how many times you meet, or how much ever time you spend, every time you meet them again ... it is like starting from ground zero! You have to re-build the equation, work on the bond and reach that level of comfort where you are not walking on eggshells. Every.single.time. What's up with that? Don't these people have a sense of continuation? We already crossed that bridge ... how many times are we gonna continue doing the same song and dance? Haven't they heard life is short? And here they are wasting my time and energy!

Disclaimer: These are the people whom you HAVE TO meet/communicate with whether you like it or not. If there was a way out, trust me I would have taken it already! 

Dress - Gift [Allen Solly (India), 09']
Tee - Urban Outfitters [10']
Shoes - BCBG via Macy's [08']
Bangles - Here & There 
Watch - Casio [11']
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Inspiration - Land's End

A lot of you already know that I had decided to go off sugar for 6 months (less than 2 months remaining now. Woo.hoo!) ... and those of your who don't ... oh well! About time you caught up, eh? ... So anyways, every month I survived without sugar I would announce it to the world, as one of my greatest achievements. So when I completed 3 months and posted another status update my dear friend Surbhi saw it.  

Who is Surbhi? Well, in a short version, she is one of my closest and oldest friend. I met her first time in 1993 and have been dependent on her for my mental stability ever since. She had a baby last year (my first friend to become a Mom!) and hence, has not been able to keep up with my random experiments, like leaving sugar for 6 months, etc. etc. 

So back to the original story, when she finally got a minute away from her toddler to check Facebook, she saw my proud announcement and decided to BBM (Blackberry Messenger, like duh!) me immediately. Since we live in different time zones, I woke up and saw this:

BBM Chat (more like scolding!)
No Hi! No Hello! 
Surbhi - What is wrong with you? 
Surbhi - Why do you keep doing such random things? 
Surbhi - You are absolutely fine. You are thin. 
Surbhi - I do not understand you. 
Surbhi - For God's sake, go eat something. 
Surbhi - I am so fed up of you. 

Now, had anyone else left me this message (or said it to my face) my reaction would have been an *eye.roll* and I would have not cared a damn, simply 'coz everybody just likes to give lecture and talk - yada yada yada - but this particular message made me SO happy. It made me feel all fuzzy in my heart. If I could I would have gotten inside the phone and hugged her. Well, just 'coz it felt so god.damn.good to know someone cared so much. And she wasn't giving me a lecture. She was just being her caring-nurturing-self. 

Then later I told my husband this story with my usual theatrics, and as a proud friend. 
His reaction - "Can I scold you like that sometime?" ... 
Me - "Errmm ... NO!" 

That privilege is reserved for Surbhi :D 
P.S. I love my friends! 

I received this awesome pair of boots courtesy WANTED. Oh! How I love them!!! 
Tired of posing. N.B. I am standing-posing-and-balancing on a 4 inch edge. 
Inspiration - Land's End
Jeans - Miss Sixty [06']
Boots - c/o Wanted [11']
Shirt - Banana Republic [10']
Tee - Banana Republic [11']
Necklace - Gift from Mother-in-law [10']

Mix & Match (II) plus April 2011 in Review

Wearing a Dress as a Skirt - Here -> Here

To be quite honest, I am not in a great shape any more to even attempt wearing this tube dress as a 'dress'. As far as, near future is concerned I will probably be wearing it more as a skirt than a dress! *sob*

Also, April is the last month we had missed out in the starting. 

Please poll this and then we shall be back on track with 2011 :) 

Thank you so much! 

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