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June 2011 in Review

2. Much 'Wanted'
3. Lime-Lemon 
4. Life in the Public Eye 
5. You would(n't) like it!
6. Right to think 
7. Last Installment
8. Inspiration - Ann Taylor Loft 
9. Day Outfit on Day 10
10. What's UP?

As I had
warned told you back in May, June was indeed a busy month with a bit of travel and a lot of work! We had gone to London for the Memorial Day Weekend, and outfits from #2 to #7 & #10 are from the pictures taken there, which I simply spread through the month as I knew that being in India for the better part of the month I wouldn't have the time or the photographer for the outfit shots (Type A!). Though I did take most of the OOTD pictures using my smart phone. One of the outfits which I didn't click while in London was luckily captured by Susie on her blog (Thanks, again!). Other than that, what I had hoped was an easy-breezy-Sunday-post, ended up becoming a feminist-religious-discussion and disabling comments led to a rather confrontational post.  

In other news, most you guys voted for
Tom Ford sunglasses but I think I might go for the D&G Orange simple due to its color. Also, I received this pretty pendant with Pisces (my sun sign) engraved on it. And lastly, I did a bit of shameless self promotion for Shop My Closet, which you can check here if you still haven't! [Yup! Still shameless ;)]


I guest posted on
Style by Santina - My Adventures with Thrift-ing
Was featured on
Make Up and Jeans - Guilty Pleasures presents Tanvi!
Smashion - An Interview with Tanvi @tanvii.com
Beautifully Invisible - We are Women. We are Beautiful. We are Real. (Part 1)

Phew! So that was all that happened in the month of June here on the blog. Now, you can let me know which one of the outfits you liked the most! :)

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What's UP?

As many of you noticed (Thank You!) that I had disabled the comments for my previous three posts. There wasn't really an agenda to it. I wanted to spend a pressure stress free weekend hence decided to not have comments on my posts. These posts were mostly about information and facts. I didn't think any feedback was required. Well, no feedback is required on my other posts either, but since I am selfish and vain, I do love the attention and compliments.

But what I didn't realize was that having No Comments would be SO LIBERATING! There is no pressure of who is commenting and who isn't and neither do I have to go reciprocate someone's visit to my blog just out of obligation. Well, that's the other thing - Since I expect people to come visit my blog 'coz I visited their's, I feel obligated to do the same when someone visit's mine. However, I really find myself in the pickle when I do not find any common interests between the blogger and myself. I mean come on, I am so over the teen dramas. I do not even care for what's IN and what's OUT, so here I am being forced to type 'great post' and 'nice pictures'.

Don't get me wrong, I think everyone has the right to blog about whatever they want. The trouble is when everyone expects you to 'follow them' regardless of your lack of interest in their blogs. I know what you all are going to say, don't be obligated - be yourself - and blah blah blah - but really I am not made like that. I have an uncontrollable need to be polite and treat others how I wish to be treated, but little did I know that simple mantra of my life would have a Catch 22!

I didn't know I had this in my subconscious up until yesterday but I am going to say it - Please only leave comments if you expect nothing in return. We already have enough people having unrealistic expectations out of us in real life. I'd rather not make blogging about that too. 

P.S. Comments are ENABLED on this post! ;)

Last installment from the London Trip!

Jacket - Tulle [08'] 
Jeans - Miss Sixty [09'] 
Shoes - c/o Wanted

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Sunglass Lust

It has been a really long time since I bought a new pair of sunglasses. Well a little less than a year actually but seems much longer. I have been surfing the world.wide.web for some new colored protection for my pretty eyes and below the the ones I have short listed. They are all in bright-happy-colors, perfect for summers. Don't you think?   
Boss Orange

D & G Madonna

D & G Orange

D & G Pink/Silver

Tom Ford
Hard to choose just one!

Images via Mister Spex
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Disclosure: I was provided with a discount card for the purpose of this post.

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Help Me Clean Out!

Back in February I had made a closet confession to which some of my readers suggested that I start a shop and purge my closet. I did open a 'Shop My Closet' section on my blog soon after that, in March but then forgot about it. However, lately the need to purge my closet has been real strong. I have already donated bags full of clothes to Goodwill (Donation). Though, the clothes which are as-good-as-new or too-good-to-donate will continuously be added to this shop. Below is the list of the things already added. 

I should also mention that I have not shopped in over a month and just the thought of spending even a penny on clothes/accessories/shoes is kind of repulsive to me at the moment (weird, right?). For now, I am in the saving-mode and I need to purge my closet before I add anything more to it. So to make the countdown easier, let's say I have not shopped since 1st June 2011 and now let's see how long I can go ... 
In the mean time if you like something, feel free to email me  you will only be helping me out! :) 

Also, check out my
facebook page to get an update when new items are added to the shop. P.S. All you shoe lovers (size 8) - Look out! I think I might be ready to part with some of my shoes too...  

Click on the name of the item to see its listing
Grey Dress - SOLD; Polo Top - $10.00
Rose Pendant - $11.00 ; Pink Tunic - $10.00
Mango Skirt - $17.00 ; Sheer Top - $17.00
Sweetheart Dress - $20.00 ; Pink/White Skirt - $7.00
Bow Top - $20.00 ; Bracelet - $11.00
Pink Top - $15.00 ; Purple Dress - $20.00
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Day Outfit on Day 10

(Outfit) Churidaar Kameez - Sukanya [India, 07']
Shoes - Stolen from Namrata [07']
Clutch - Dior [06']

Pictures courtesy TJ Photography 

One of the rare instances when I was ready and my brother was free to click a few 'quick' shots! He prefers I don't smile in the pictures and since 'smiling' comes very naturally to me, it is very hard not-to! Most of the times I am making faces to avoid breaking into my 'colgate-smile' [:D] By the way, ditto stands true for the previous post as well!

For those of you who prefer to not join me on facebook or twitter, you wouldn't know that I was in India for the last three weeks. I didn't have any of my trusted photographers (Brother, BFF, Husband!) at my disposal there, so had no other option but to use my smart phone to click my daily outfits. You can check what I wore throughout my India trip here and when (if!) you do, you shall decode the title of this post. 

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Inspiration - Ann Taylor Loft

Whenever I come across an outfit that strikes out or speaks to me personally, I save those images from magazines and websites for inspirations. As I am sure many do?

A couple of times bloggers inspire me, like here and here, and other times celebrities do. However, most times it is from random places which are not even meant to be fashionable like a billboard or an advertisement for household products, etc. I thought it would be interesting to actually show you all where I got the inspiration from. 

This is from the Ann Taylor Loft's SS11 Collection Print Ad.
 I do not own a nude blouse or a big-floral-print skirt, however I did find a nude-pleated skirt and a big-floral-print blouse in my closet. I decided to reverse it! I think it still works! What do you think? 

Top - Zara [11']; Skirt - Lulu's Via Giftcard [11']; Shoes - Atelier [Delhi, 06']

Pictures courtesy TJ Photography 
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From the Archives - Burka Clad

Earlier this year when I visited my friend Anita in Dubai, we also went to Abu Dhabi which is the capital of the country, United Arab Emirates. Dubai is one of the most lenient states, while Abu Dhabi is relatively a little more conservative. 

We visited the world mosque which allowed non-Muslims to enter but required the females to be in 'burka' and the males to be in trousers and shirt, or they had to wear the national outfit, which is known as the 'kandura'. Burqa and Kandura, both were available at the mosque to borrow, for no cost. They were clean and fresh as they were put to wash by the management after every wear. 

I felt absolutely comfortable in a burka. In fact it almost came naturally to me. I felt ├╝ber feminine, lady-like and wonderful walking around in it. Really! *Cross-my-heart* I think I must have worn it a lot in my previous birth, 'coz I loved it so much. 

In the first two shots below, I am looking like a typical Arab woman who are often seen wearing bright lipstick, on the phone and holding a designer bag. 

Pictures courtesy Myraa Ahuja Photography
Have you ever worn a Burka?

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Last Installment

Last installment of Questions/Suggestions!

8) Suggestion - I think you should try a nose pin than a nose ring sometimes.

I'd got my nose pierced in 2000' and up until 2006 I wore a nose pin. It has been a little over 4 years that I have been wearing a nose ring and I really love it. Plus, I am very lazy to change! [:P]

9) Suggestion - 
You should probably invest in a better camera so your pictures can come out more sharp looking rather than dull which takes the life out of your outfit (which I know you work really hard on putting together) but if the image looks pretty then the outfits, no matter how crazy looking can look intriguing! No pun intended :)

Well, I do own a DSLR but I will definitely try and post better pictures! :)

10) Question - You seem like you could be pretty ambitious/go getter type, any plans for work/career etc. now/later/ever!!! ;)

Yes. I do have a lot of plans. I hope to achieve them all, slowly and steadily, as life permits!

11) Question - Y
ou have mentioned before that you have lost quite a lot of weight couple of years back, so I would love to know that how were you saved by the "Curse of Stretch marks"?

Sorry, can't help you there! I wasn't saved. I do have them and do not know any way around them.
Yet! However, I have read that applying Palmer's cream and Vitamin e helps prevent and sometimes reduce them. Hope this helps! 

12) Question - Have you been tempted to change your blog title? Are you 100% happy with it? Was your blog earlier names tanvii.com?

I haven't ever thought about it. The website where my blog is hosted is called www.tanvii.com but the name of the blog (The Fabulous Life of Not-So-Rich and Infamous) has been the same from Day 1, and I like the stability. If I ever feel this is not working for me, I will start another blog (but most probably won't) but not change this one. Currently, I do not see the point! 

13) Question - I know that you write a lot about fashion, but your blog is so much more? Was it your intention to write about everything right from the beginning? If not, why & how did you manage to diversify? And how do you choose what to write about? 

Initially I used to write about my daily mundane life and fitness. After one year of blogging I started posting pictures of my outfits. However, I started writing about fashion, only recently. Honestly, I have never given much thought to what I am going to post or write. I simply follow my heart. When I sit down to write a post I let my thoughts flow and type whatever comes to mind. The only 'planned' posts are the ones with recipes and reader's requests. 

14) Question -  Wonder if you can guess which blogger left which comment (on your survey). Let me know if you figure out who this is! Kidding!

Haha! I couldn't guess, unless someone had left their name! 

15) Questions - Who clicks your photographs? Have you hired a photographer for lifetime? :D

I haven't 'hired' a photographer for life but I sure am married to someone who has become a photography enthusiast. In other words my husband takes all my pictures (unless stated otherwise).

And with this we come to an end of the Question/Answer Session!  

Strolling around Soho & Carnaby Street (London, U.K.)

Tee - Converse via Target [10'] 
Jeans & Scarf - Zara [11'] & [10']
Jacket - Gift from my Brother-in-law [Guess, 08']
Shoes - Nine West [08']
Pendant - Etsy [11'] 
Bag - Rebecca Minkoff [11']

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