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Socially Challenged

Dress - Custo Barcelona [06']; Turtle Neck - Mango [05']; Shoes - Jean-Micheal Cazabat [06']

Pictures Courtesy TJ Photography

"Socially-Challenged" people, hear UP!

1. If you have an appointment or a social commitment with someone always reconfirm it, at least 12-24 hours prior. 

2. If you are running late then - CALL - and inform the person waiting. Preferably as soon as possible!

3. Always keep everyone involved or attending (dinner/coffee/meeting) in the communication loop. 

4. Do not assume that people would know something unless you have told them that in person, in writing or verbally. 

5. Last (but definitely not the least) wait for everyone else's food to arrive before you begin eating yours. 

Please feel free to add to this list...

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Night Outs in India

24th January 2011
 Top - Elizabeth & James [11']
 Jeggings - J Brand [10']
 ME ;) [82']
Accessories - Random!; Shoes - Second Skin [06']

There is never a dull moment in India. So much is happening all the time that I do not realize where my days go by. I have a lot of news to share with you guys but all in due time. Right now, I will have to keep this short as I am running out of time but yet cannot resist blogging [!] (else there will be a lot of backlog). 

26th January 2011
 Jacket - Michael Kors [08']; Pashmina Scarf - Mom's 
 Trousers - BCBG [10']
Shoes - Ted Baker [09']
Husband - My Best Accessory [Since 07'] ;) 

P.S. Thanks to all my new readers. I will definitely visit your blogs soon. 

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Breakfast at Tanvi's

Sometimes I want to curl up and become a baby again. A dotted upon, spoilt, brat with not a care in the world! 

Every time I come back home, unconsciously or consciously I come back looking for my childhood and to relive those old-carefree-days! But now I have decided to make peace with the fact that life is forever in continuous motion. I cannot bring back the days that have passed. But I can smile and relive them in my heart and be thankful that my life is filled with happy memories. 

I do not have much to say today, so I will leave you with another Indian(ized) Outfit and a typical breakfast at my Parent's place ...  

 Tunic - Zara [05']
 Salwar - Part of another Indian Suit

A Typical Breakfast at my Parent's Place
 A lot of Fruits...
 Accompanied with something salty. This is my favorite Poha
An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away ;)

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A Date with Kanjeevaram

A little information about Kanjeevaram Sarees - They are one of the finest silk sarees from South India. The heavy silk is embroidered with real gold. The border and pallau (end of the saree) has relatively more embroidery than rest of the saree. These sarees are meant to last up to a hundred years, thus require extra care while folding and wrapping.  

My regular readers would already know that me-loves-my-Sarees. It is my favorite piece of clothing to dress in. Classy. Sexy. Feminine. All in one. Those who might have missed you can catch me in a Saree here, then here and now recently here.

This was my first time wearing such a heavy Kanjeevaram Saree for a wedding. The winter chill is subsiding now, hence was a perfect opportunity to dress up in it. I do not get many chances to wear such Sarees so I didn't want to let this one pass me by ...

Contest: Who can make the craziest expressions?
Trust me, this wasn't planned. Only when I saw the pictures that 
I had realized our expressions were synchronized :)

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A Mixed Bag

22nd January 2011
 Dress - Hand-me-down from my friend Anita [07']
Shoes - Jean-Micheal Cazabat [06']
 Jacket - UO [10']

Something I have discovered about myself lately is that I do not get affected by anyone else's opinion of me. One could say, "Tanvi, you are a B****!" and I wouldn't give it more than a minute and move on easily ... In fact I think I reverse-judge people now! I judge them on what they think and how they talk (even if it is about me)! What one chooses to talk about and how one chooses to lead their life reflects on their mental status and reveals their inner insecurities. I do not wish to get into the details but I am sure you catch my drift, don't you?

Upasna from Someplace ElseDeepika from Words As a Form of Life
Anupama from Volatile Spirits Sushmita from My Unfinished Life, ME :)

Official photographer for the day - Katyayani from Thingism

On a brighter note, yesterday I met up with a few bloggers from Delhi at Cafe Turtle in Khan Market. It was a lot of fun. Bloggers can never fall short of topics to talk, I realized. If nothing else, we can always talk about 'blogging' it self :) 

Last night I also caught the new theatrical release from Aamir Khan Productions, directed by his wife - Dhobi Ghat - while I thoroughly enjoyed it people should be warned that is it out and out an 'Art' movie (Indie) and might not be for everyone! 

Last but not the least do take a minute to check out - The Guy Behind the Camera 13th Edition - A feature by Tieka over at her lovely blog Selective Potential. You might catch me saying some nice things about Mr. Fabulous. Or you might not. But you wouldn't know till you click the link ;)

23rd January 2011
 Salwar Kameez - Self designed & stitched [06']
 Shoes borrowed (and never returned) from my friend Namrata [since 2007!]
... off to Kingdom of Dreams

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Think Before You Speak

The India trip is turning out to be a little different this time around. There isn't much drama, no one is getting on my nerves, and surprisingly I do not have any spicy stuff to write about. So has the world changed or has my tolerance for idiocies gone up? [I am betting on myself ;)]. 

Oh! wait ... there is something after all, that I can whine about - People's inability to gauge what should and shouldn't be said in public - Most people [the talkative ones] once they start, they really do not know when to stop. Let me put a disclaimer here again - I am a talkative one too but I am quite certain that I do not talk non sense and you guys have no way of knowing if I am saying the truth, so lets roll with it! ;) One simple fact I have picked up with 'age' and 'time' is that better to stay quiet than to talk to an idiot! No point in arguing with people who are mentally unequipped to think straight. No one can change your opinions so why even bother to prove them to anyone else. If you know you are right (and are making a valid point) then regardless of anyone else's opinion, you will be right. You do not need anyone else's stamp of approval! 

I have come to realize that it is a waste of time to talk to people who are loud and who use their 'volume' as a means to make themselves heard. Long story short, I wish everyone took a moment to 'think' before they spoke, and not just blurt every random thought that came to their mind ... Not that hard ... is it?

15th January 2011
Shirt Dress - Banana Republic [10']; Leggings - Hue [10']
Pashmina - Mom's ; Leg Warmer - UO [09']; Flats - Guiseppe Zanotti [11']

 16th January 2011 (Day)
Shirt - Men's Section @ Marshall's [10']; Jumper - Ralph Lauren [09']
3/4 Jeans - ASOS [10']; Pashmina Scarf - Mom's ; Shoes - Puma [06']
P.S. For the Night outfit Click Here.

17th January 2011
Shirt - COS [10']; Leggings - UO [10']
Pashmina Scarf - Mom's ; Flats - Guiseppe Zanotti [11'] 

18th January 2011
Striped Shirt - Zara [06']; 3/4 Jeans - ASOS [10']
Heart Sweater - Joy [10']; Shoes - Puma [06']

20th January 2011
Turtle Neck - Mango [05']; Jacket - Banana Republic [06']
Skirt - J.Crew [11']; Tights - Hobbs [10']; Shoes - Dolce Vita [10']

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Photo Diary - Day trip to Neemrana Fort

Yesterday I visited the Neemrana Fort Palace with my Mom and her friends and their daughters and daughter-in-laws! [Phew! :P Was quite a mouthful isn't it?] It about about 100kms away from heart of Delhi which takes about 2 hours in car provided there isn't much traffic. We went there to spend the day under the gorgeous Winter Sun and catch up on all the gossip since my last visit. 

If you wish to know know about Neemrana, Click Here!

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Surviving Wedding Season - A Sneaky Tip

Leia from Leia's Delight is one of my most favorite bloggers and a wonderful person too. Yesterday you read my version of an South Asian Wedding. Here's her version and outfit of the same. Though she currently resides in Dhaka, Bangladesh the culture and traditions are quite similar as up until 1947 India, Bangladesh and Pakistan were one nation! But enough on the history lesson ... Over to the charming and gorgeous Leia...  

Surviving Wedding Season - A Sneaky Tip

If you’ve ever been to or lived in South Asia during the winter, you’ll know that most weddings take place during this time. Just like spring weddings are favored in the West due to the warming temperatures, winter weddings are common in South Asia because it’s finally cool enough to step outside without breaking into a sweat!

Every country, region, city, religion, sect or even family have different traditions, so attempting to go into any detail about what the ceremonies entail would be an impossible task! But if you’re interested in that, check out Tanvi’s wedding posts. Weddings in Bangladesh are a mix of Muslim traditions (the predominant religion here) and Hindu customs (‘leftovers’ from when Bengal was a Hindu/Muslim state in India), and there are normally five occasions to attend: Holud (Haldi in Hindi), Pithi, Mehendi, Nikka, and Reception. Not to mention countless celebratory lunches and dinners after the reception - no rest for the poor bride and groom who are probably desperate to escape to their honeymoon! ;) Weddings are very dressy affairs - everybody dresses to the nines, usually in traditional outfits e.g. saris, lehengas, or in some cases dressier salwar kameezes. So, for all of those who are to attend the wedding celebrations (often 200 or more people!) getting dressed is a bit of a daunting task.


So, after this prolonged introduction I am going to tell you my sneaky tip for surviving wedding season... the ZIP UP SARI! I know I’m not the only one who has difficulty getting those pleats just right (am I?!) The length of the sari has to be perfectly proportionate and everything has to be pulled and pinned exactly into place... so why not take your sari to a tailor beforehand and get him to transform it into a ready-made zip up? All the pleats will be stitched in, so all you have to do on the day is wear the sari like a skirt, zip it up, wrap the pallo however you please, and you’re ready to go in five minutes. 

The secret that was meant to be shared... 
Can you tell I’m wearing a zip-up?


Winter Wedding

Last night I attended my second cousin's wedding along with my family. It was a torture to stand in the unbearable cold in an open field. For those you are not aware of the North Indian Hindu Wedding Ceremony, here's a short intro - 

The groom arrives on a horse while his friends and family, also known as 'baraatis' dance ahead of him in a procession from the 'meeting point' to the venue of the wedding. They are also accompanied by a live band. The friends usually do not let the 'baraat' (procession) enter the venue till they are pampered crazy by the bride's family and have danced their hearts out! Eventually the groom walks up to the stage and waits for his bride to arrive ... 

To know what happens next, please read my Wedding Post as it is 1:30am here and I am reallllly sleepy and dying to hit the bed! BUT I could not wait to post what I wore for the Wedding ...

I got this outfit made from one of my Mom's trousseau Sarees [circa 1981] 
I absolutely love this outfit. Nothing better than this to beat the cold and yet stand apart!
Me and my charming brother!
Shoes borrowed (and never returned) from my friend Namrata [since 2007!]
I am smiling but actually dreading going out in the cold!
My Handsome Husband who co ordinated his tie with my outfit! 

P.S. So far only 3 Bloggers [and my Husband :P] have shown any interest in meeting up. Please email me and let me know if anyone else is interested else we will just go right ahead and meet anyways [:P]. 

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Life in India ... so far

10th January 2011
Black Sweater - Banana Republic [09']; Blazer - UO [09'] 
Tights - TJ Maxx[09']; Boots - DP Italia [10']

It was my Dad's birthday on 10th Jan and we all went for dinner at an Oriental Restaurant. The winters in Delhi have been harsh this time around. I have had to layer up like never before. This is definitely not the time to consider trends/fashion but only to tae all possible precautions from the skin-peircing-cold-winds!

11th January 2011
Scarf - Burberry [09']
Sweater Coat - French Connection [08']
Boots - DP Italia [10']

Recently we applied for the change in Visa status at the U.S. Embassy in Delhi and I was amazed to see that each.and.every immigration officer spoke fluent Hindi. I repeat, fluent-sans-American-accent-Hindi! I was in shock for the first two minutes and eventually in a delightful bewilderment to hear them speak to all the applicants in Hindi with hand gestures and Indian mannerisms. 

13th January 2011
Turtle Neck - Gap [09']; Shoes - Tory Burch [10']
Sweater - Banana Republic [10']; Jeans - Miss Sixty [08']
Cape - Mom's [at least 15 years old!]

We saw the last week's Hindi movie release - No one Killed Jessica - and thoroughly enjoyed it. Being on holiday and without any responsibilities we were able to catch the matinee show. I was surprised to see that on a weekday afternoon the theatre was still HOUSE FULL! Don't these people have any work? Or is everyone on a vacation like us? Anyhoo, what was even more entertaining was how people sitting around us would predict the next scene a minute in advance - loudly ... and no one would mind that! Husband said, 'Yahan sab movie mil-jhul kar dekhte hain. Jaise ghar pe T.V. dekh rahe hoen.' *giggle* [Loose translation in english - Everyone watches the movie here as a group, like one watch T.V. shows at home with family.]

14th January 2011
Pashmina - Mom's ; Sweater - ASOS [10'] 
Leggings - TJ Maxx [09']; Boots - DP Italia [10']

The last two days have not been as C.O.L.D. and I am able to get out of the house in a cape or a pashmina without shivering my a** off! Let's hope this continues for rest of the month. For the record, I do not wish for hot-humid-days just warm Sunny Winters

P.S. Calling all Delhi Bloggers, Blog Readers/Supporters. If you guys wish to get together and meet up at a common place over a weekend in next 4 weeks, please email me with the date & time that might suit you and I will try and organize it (if feasible!).    

P.P.S. Excuse the poor quality of the picture. Some were taken in bad light with a point-and-shoot camera!

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