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Roka, Feb 1st 2011

These pictures are from earlier this year, 
from the Engagement Party we threw for my brother & sister-in-law! 

With Mr. Fabulous
With SIL (Richa) 
With my brother! :)
My brother is married (Yay!). I am through with all the festivities and so sleep deprived! But the drama is finally over (I kid!) ... Indian weddings are like reading an interesting novel! It had all the ingredients - fun, thrill, anxiety, suspense and of course drama! I cannot wait to dissect and explore everything that went down in the last month but right now I need some peace and quiet! 

However, since I hadn't posted any outfit posts in a while, I thought I would leave you with some shots from February 2011... The wedding-week's outfits will have to wait till I get the professional shots from the photographer! 

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