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I was browsing through my blogging archives some time back, and realized that I have this one pose, which I seldom repeat! It stood out to me whenever I saw it. So thought I shall share this unintentional posing, which I have been doing over the years, with you!

Turn & Pose! 

Here & Here

Here & Here

Here & Here

Here & Here

Here & Here
Some recent & common pet-peeves! 

- New-mothers need to filter their updates on FB. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! (No sarcasm there!) However, like you would never share your own pooping-burping-pms'ing cycle on a public platform, similar rules apply towards your toddler. No really! What? ... you didn't know? !?!? Well, now you do! :) 

Parents need to discipline their kids. Specially when they plan to venture outside the boundaries of their own home. We get it, you are over the moon that you have a kid! But so have millions of other people over thousands of years. I bet even your parents thought you were 'special' but didn't turn out that way in the end, now did you?

Old people need to be less grumpy. Yes, I know old age is hard and and we live in a multi-cultural-confused-world. But seriously, how hard is it just smile and be polite? These are simple characteristics which hold true over all the cultures/countries! I have no idea about where I might end up 50 years from now but I would definitely try and smile a lot and not be grumpy! [Do not be grumpy. Do not be grumpy. Do not be grumpy. #nottoself]

Indian women (in U.S. and everywhere else!) need to be less judgmental towards other Indian women. Guess what, ladies - It is quiet alright to hug and snuggle up your husband/boyfriend in public. It is really not illegal (really!) even if you were told other wise while growing up! So stop staring. NOW!

- Don't judge us by our clothes. Some of us like to dress smartly. Some of us are even stylish. Some of us can look good without spending a bomb. Oh! and our husbands don't judge us for our shopping either, 'coz they know they married economically-and-fashionably-savvy-women! So don't blame judge us for your poor dressing sense. Thank You! P.S. If you want I'd be happy to help. Just ask! :)

- Being on H4 is not a like being on exile. (Backstory: H4 visa is given to women arriving in the U.S. as a dependent to their working husband but are not permitted to work *sigh!*) Yes, we don't work. Yes, we don't earn. Yes, we are educated. Yes, we did leave our careers behind. But NO! we don't get bored. Besides being economically-and-fashionably-savvy-women we are also resourceful, have hobbies, run our households, and indulge in activities which we couldn't while we were working. So we are probably more productive than all of you 'judgemental' people put together. Wanna bet? 

P.S. I wanted to post this on Saturday, but refrained in the name of Christmas spirit and good-cheer, but there was no excuse now! :) 

P.P.S. I want to thank my fellow-H4-Visa-Indian-in-U.S.-economically-and-fashionably-savvy-woman-Natasha for her contribution in this post and continued support and friendship over the past blogging years! Mwwaaah! ♡  

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