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Mix & Match (XII) & Life without Sugar

Wearing packaging material as a bracelet - Here -> Here

If you are a regular here or on my Facebook Page, you know I had taken a sugar sabbatical for 6 months from 1st June to 30th November 2011. A lot of people have/had a lot of questions about my this action. So here I am giving the run-down on all the why's and how's, 'coz for most parts I am a nice person and value my readers' requests and questions ... for most parts! ;) 

Sugar Sabbatical

Two reasons:

1. I was going to be in India for the complete month of June (2011) and by experience I knew that I would be od'ing on all the Indian sweets hence decided to take the pledge to avoid the damage. You know I work hard on my body so it hurts me literally (in my heart!) when it all goes down the drain. 

2. Earlier this year, I some how became addicted to having some form of chocolate on daily basis. Like I had to have a KitKat or a cookie or a cake every.single.night else I wouldn't get sleep! I husband had to ration my chocolate intake and hide all-things-sweets before going to work! So I had to take some drastic steps to break that habit. I do not like being addicted to anything. I repeat, anything! I am a super woman and I can do anything! 

I took the decision to quit quite spontaneously sometime in May! I didn't think much about it prior to taking the giant step! Once the D Day arrived I started educating myself. Obvious things to avoid were chocolates, cookies, cakes, candies, bottled beverages, etc. (you get the idea). Slowly I learnt that a most of the pre-packaged food items like chips, breads, canned foods, etc. all have added sugar in them. 

Within the first week I had the clear idea of what all I could not eat any more and the answer was pretty simple - ANYTHING WHICH IS NOT NATURALLY SWEET! 

So what did I eat when I got the sugar cravings? - Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables! 
Breakfast was the hardest meal to manage as I realized that most of the options had added-sugar (yogurts, protein bars, cereal, etc.). I chose Muesli for most times, which tastes like cardboard so I added raisins to add some sweetness. All the other meals were easier with the option of lots of veggies. 

1st Dec. 2011
We were celebrating my sister-in-law's Bachelorette Party on 30th November, so as soon as the clock turned 12 midnight, she nudged to break my sabbatical on her special day with a slice of chocolate cake and of course there was no question of turning her down. However, after having it I felt quite sick in my stomach and didn't feel I was missing out of anything (though everyone else seemed to enjoy the cake a lot!). Later in the day I had some Indian sweets (courtesy: Dad!) which gave me some major stomach ache, i.e. I was over sugar and nothing seemed as sweet as before (literally and metaphorically, both

Now what?
Oh well!
  • I am trying to stay on track. 
  • I do not get sugar cravings any more. 
  • I do not "need" chocolate any more. 
  • I get satisfied in small portions of everything.
  • I hope to keep the 'added sugar' to the minimum in my meals
  • And continue on my path of ultimate fitness!  

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