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How to choose location for outfit posts?

It was a grey and gloomy day! Excuse me while I go match my mood to the ambience! :P

Tights - UO [10']
Sweater Tunic - Nordstrom RACK [09']
Ring - ASOS [11']
Boots - c/o Wanted Shoes [11']
Necklace - c/o PiyaGanwani @ Etsy [11']
Some of you have asked me to write about how I pick location for the outfit posts. While it is not possible to shoot at perfect location all the time ... we do try and make an effort to give an aesthetic and visually appealing background to the outfit posts. 

Regularly looking for new and exciting locations also helps keep photography interesting for Mr. Fabulous, as I can only imagine how mundane it would be if he had to take same kind of shots at the same location, everyday! *Probably would feel like guantanamo bay*

Here's what we do: 
  1. Constantly keep our eyes open for interesting and preferably isolated location while we are driving around the city. 
  2. We prefer open spaces with lot of natural light. I intentionally avoid alleys and streets with tall and narrow buildings. 
  3. Of course, remembering them when the right outfit comes along is a talent in itself!
  4. Colorful walls behind restaurants/shops, gardens, industrial areas, parking lots, are some of our go-to-places. 
  5. Lastly, and most importantly we always try to make sure the background/location compliment the outfit. e.g. We pay special attention that the colors of the outfit do not end up camouflaging with the backdrop, instead stand out. More contrast the better!

P.S. Don't you simply love the statement necklace I am wearing in this post? My dear friend Piya has designed it and she was kind enough to send one to me. Do check out her Etsy Shop. It would make for a great gift. Order now to get it in time for Christmas!

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