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December & 2011 in Review

Highlights of 2011

January - I had a wonderful time visiting Anita & Mr. Anita in Dubai. Spent a good long month with family. Attended weddings for the first time, after my own. And, finally made a trip down to Neemrana.  

February - Brother got hitched. Had an amazing lunch with school friends. And went for the weekend away with family, for my birthday to Goa! 

March - Attended my first Blogging conference - Texas Style Council in Austin and met so many fabulous bloggers!

April - Experienced the Spring in Washington D.C.

May - Enjoyed the English Summer in London. 

June - Spent it in sweltering hot Delhi, planning brother's wedding. Amma passed away!

July - Completed 4 years of marital bliss! 

August - Visited agonizingly humid National Harbor. 

September - Attended IFB in NYC with Deepti. Met my childhood friend Khushbu after over 4.5 years. 

October - October was rather slow! Can't seem to remember anything worth mentioning that happened *hmmm*

November - Went to Bombay and met all the lovely bloggers there. Had another amazing lunch with school friends. 

DecemberDecember was a wonderful month. Let me repeat, W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L. month. My brother got married on the 4th. I had the time-of-my-life celebrating his happiness. I got to meet Anita after ONE WHOLE YEAR. Nothing is ever complete without her! Soon after my husband swept me away to Hawaii for 10 days to unwind from all the wedding-stress. Marriage is just getting better and better after each year ... and now the month is already over. We are counting the last couple of days and then bam! into 2012 :) 

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