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Chunky Knits

Recent Realizations:

  • A little restrain in speech, action and reaction ... goes a long way!
  • The "how" matters more than the "what" in almost all the situations
  • When you communicate effectively, everything works out as per the plan
  • Give your best compassionate smile, instead of saying, "Told you so!"
  • Always look at the bigger picture
  • ... and ALWAYS dress like a super star! :)

It is FREAKING freezing here in Texas. While I am excited to bring out my chunky knits but I am not looking forward to shivering and stuttering in cold!

Sweater - GAP [11']
Tee - GAP [11']
Skinnies - GAP [11']
Boots - Børn [10']
Earrings - c/o IN PINK [11']

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