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WUWT: Unasked for Advice

Some people cannot help themselves. They HAVE TO give their damn advice. No ...I do not mean their point of view or opinion. It is literally "advice" which absolutely no one asked for and often begins with "should" ... From what you "should" have worn and how ... to what you should eat, to what you should have done ... What's up with thatHello? If and when your help is required, I shall ask! Till then try and focus on what YOU should be doing/wearing/eating instead of me. Thank you very much. Rant over! ... So how've you been? :)  

This  outfit, too has been in drafts for about a month! P.S. I miss my photographer :( 
Earrings & Pendant - Gift from Mom [10']
Tank - Kazo [India, 11']
Jeans - Miss Sixty [06']
Shoes - Spring [10']

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