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WUWT: Unasked for Advice

1:01 AM

Some people cannot help themselves. They HAVE TO give their damn advice. No ...I do not mean their point of view or opinion. It is literally "advice" which absolutely no one asked for and often begins with "should" ... From what you "should" have worn and how ... to what you should eat, to what you should have done ... What's up with thatHello? If and when your help is required, I shall ask! Till then try and focus on what YOU should be doing/wearing/eating instead of me. Thank you very much. Rant over! ... So how've you been? :)  

This  outfit, too has been in drafts for about a month! P.S. I miss my photographer :( 
Earrings & Pendant - Gift from Mom [10']
Tank - Kazo [India, 11']
Jeans - Miss Sixty [06']
Shoes - Spring [10']

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  1. Hahha.. some people just can't stop advising others or poking their nose in other's stuff. They are used to of doing this and we can't help them.

    gorgeous as always.love the jewelry.

  2. hehe.. i think we all feel the same way some times. n btw you look lovely.
    do visit my blog at sometimes and leave youe comments. your ADVICES will be valued.

    stay blessed!

  3. I've heard so many people giving out their unwanted advice to first-time-parents. The parents usually get so annoyed!

  4. Mostly such advices comes from those irritating relatives who are just waiting for an opportunity to pounce at you and to make you miserable to derive some sort of sadistic pleasure... Whenever I encounter such unwanted advices from my relatives , all that I say is that I am happy being what I am and I do as I please.... but then of course I can not be so blunt with my husband's relatives so I jut smile and pass it by :(

  5. WUWT kya hota hai..anyways forget the world..just remember i SOO LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR POSTS(yes intentionally in caps)


  6. Some people have nothing better to do, have they?
    Loving your ripped jeans and your gloriously toned arms. Hope your photographer and yourself get reunited soon. x

  7. Awww, I hope you are reunited with your photographer soon! ;) Lovely casual outfit and you know I droool over that bag. Those shoes are awesome too!


  8. How very true. :/ I hope the photographer's back soon. :)

    I love that bag. The shoes and the earrings are a favourtie. :)

  9. Haha-I like the way you say 'rant over' and yes, if everyone began to mind their own business or keep the advice to themselves-they'd choke!:(

  10. It's not ofetn that we see you in a jeans & tee outfit.....but you're rocking the same nevertheless! :)

    Hope you get back to your photographer soon!

  11. Hey Tanvi!
    Lovely as ever! Of all the things your confidence stands out the most!

    In the post i see my thoughts resonating.Of late i hve been stuggling with recurring acne...well, I am bothered abt it... but i knw it's a mtter of time. But the "unwanted/nver asked advices" have been keeping me at the edge...every other person..even someone walking past you... has an advice for it.."do your clean up properly, dont use soap...dont drink coffee'....man! i hv nt been sleeping all the while!!...and i never asked for it.

    Thanks for the post...i loved it! :)

  12. Nice chilled out look...isnt it cold there yet? I cant imagine wearign anything like that here. Yes its very irritating when ppl give unsolicited advice.

  13. Ripped jeans looks so good on you. This is such a cool, relaxed look.
    And don't worry abot such people.
    Keep being positive. That's the only way. xx

  14. I like this casual look on you.. jeans and t shirt..
    Keep positive

  15. Those are some rocking shoes girls....unwanted advice stinks....I tell them to "keep it moving", lol.
    You look fab!

    Come Join the Fab Fashion Blogger Meet Up!!

  16. Love the hair, the earrings look so gorgeous on your pretty face! :D


  17. We have mastered the skill of advising, so much so that it is tightly embedded in the genes now!

    I love the outfit :) The bag and the background, uncanny color match :D

  18. Oh my, I know exactly what you mean! It is so annoying. But I do love that outfit, it's so easy-going, and the colours look great :) xoxo

  19. I loathe receiving unasked advice, especially when the person doesn't have any experience on the topic at hand. You look beautiful as always! That bag is super cute.

  20. Yeah, I don't understand that either. And, most of the time, the speaker is clueless and the "advice" has no value.

    A big part of my job is giving advice -- which I don't do unless your check clears... :)

  21. Haha, I HATE people like that.

    You look so cool here. Love the outfit. Your jeans look great.

  22. Haha! I have many of those in my life, so I know what you mean. You "should" just ignore them. Easier said than done, I know. But since they have this itch to give advice, consider it their problem, not yours :)

    Your outfit is soooo edgy! Love the top.


  23. cool outfit tanvi...aww missing ur photographer!!!my relatives are all like that sooo i just learned to deal wit it...

  24. I wouldn't really call that as advice. They are just poking their nose where it doesn't belong! And its damn annoying.
    Cute top!

  25. Some people really need to mind their own business. I especially love when something happens and you get "wow, you should have _______." Thanks. That's really helpful after the fact.

    I love your earrings and these great heels. They add dimension to your otherwise casual outfit. Great look Tanvi!

  26. I can't believe you are still wearing a tank in Houston! I am having another blogging slump, oh well! Good luck dealing with folks who love to "give advice." I say stay clear :)

  27. I like the over all look, nix pix n love the bag !!

  28. I looove the bag! :)


  29. and why does it always seem to come from either people who don't know what they're talking about or people you would never take advice from to begin with.

  30. love your pants! they look so cool!



  31. You know I like your rant because I get a lot of that too. Don't know why. Love the bag and the awesome earrings

  32. You have such an edgy look in these pics. love your accesories

  33. have you been meeting a lot of irritating relatives and well meaning aunties??? cause they give a lot of such unasked for advice

  34. hehe..I know..some ppl HAVE to give advice...cos noone actually listens to them! :)

    Lookin great...love the casual look, and the accessories...esp the earrings! And in fabulous shape!!

  35. Thank you for your kind words, my dear Tanvi.
    You look glorious, as ever.

  36. i totally agree wid u i also absolutly hate it when ppl gv their un asked for advice...btw luv the bag...i hav been a regular follower of ur blog n i totally luv it...

    Chic Accessorizer

    p.s: follow me plz :)

  37. Nice jeans and I love the shoes! and I quite agree, some people cant MYOB and have to comment on everything. Take my advice, ignore them (no pun intended) :P

  38. I know for this type of people and I don't pay any attention to them or their words! I just don't care!!
    I love thsi look Tanvi, luckily it's not in drafts anymore!;)
    In order to celebrate its first b-day I'm having a giveaway on my blog- Glam Chameleon Jewelry necklace. Check it out, maybe u'll like it!!;)
    Jelena (glamfabchameleon.blogspot.com)

  39. You sound upset. lol You would think by now most people would know your opinion on giving that kind of advice.

    I LOVE that first picture. The tone, makeup, earrings, everything really. It fits.

  40. yup..I totally get you..Infact, the last time I was in India , there was this aunty who not only suggested what exactly we need to invest on, but also how many kids I need to have*eye roll* ..But I guess it takes all kinds of people to make the world :p

  41. awww..u miss ur photographer! Still in India Tanvi?
    I love the bag :)

  42. love the earrings -- love the shoes!

    so aside from people giving you unwarranted advice...how have you been?

  43. Those earrings are so awesome! Yes true, some people just gotta comment (I can be guilty of it sometimes!)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  44. Is it me or does this happen more in Indian culture..you know there's always some aunty with ample amount of unwanted/unasked advice..LOL
    I totally know how you feel :)

    Very cute purse btw.

  45. I can't stand when people do that to me, but it always happens. You looks like you are 18 in these pics. The purple looks great against your skin.

  46. I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the sling!It's so annoying,isn't it?How people decide if something 'suits your personality' or not?Back off,guys!I'm fine!

  47. You look lovely all serious and stuff :)

  48. Love your response to them though ;)

    Gorgeous girl and AMAZING bag.


  49. take my advice... IGNORE THEM :-p



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