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Mix & Match (VI) plus My Adventures with thrift-ing

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Sorry that I have not been around much this past week. 'Real Life' has sorta taken over my 'blogging life' ... but I hope to catch up on the blogs and reply to all the emails in this coming week! Thank you for being around even when I am not! :) 

P.S. A warm welcome to all my new readers! In case you are wondering why there are no new outfit posts, since the time you came on board, then its time to click here. I have been posting my daily outfits at the end of each day!

Wearing a dress as a top - Here -> Here

...had Guest Posted this on Style by Santina!

Blogging has changed my life completely. I have started trying taking more risks, become much more experimental and open to new things. One of the things I was wary of was - Thrifting! Up until I started blogging I couldn’t imagined wearing 'second-hand clothes' or even enter a thrift shop in my dreams! Not much has changed yet, but after being encouraged by a lot of blogging-friends, I did brave-through into a thirft-store last year! I had no idea what I was looking for or how should one thrift ‘successfully’. So if you are someone like me who is a thrift-virgin then this is what I have learnt so far:

1) Take your time and survey the store. Pick out stuff you think you might like. If you are lucky you might even find stuff with their original tags on.

2) If you are not ready to start with clothes immediately, accessories like jewelry and belt are a great way to break the ice.

3) Make sure you try-on everything.

4) Check for any wear and tear. If it is easily repairable then don’t just discard it!

5) Lastly, and most importantly wash everything before wearing.
Below are few of the items I have thirft-ed!
Reversible Belt - (Front Side - Printed) - $5.00
Reversible Belt (Back Side - Polka Dots) - $5.00
Bright Green Belt via J.Crew - $3.00
Bright & Skinny Orange Belt via J.Crew - $3.00
Belt via Coach - $10.00
Vest via Banana Republic - $10.00

Do not underestimate the power of thrifting, my friends! :)

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  1. I just love the pink necklace in the last pic and the reversible belts!

  2. wow they look like a good bargain man! I especially love the belt via coach, orange and green belt.. awesome :)

  3. I love this post! I'm also a huge fan of thrifting. I can't imagine buying my belts and vintage skirts anywhere other than the local thrift store.

  4. There's something I love about this post... And that leopard print dress- Wow...

  5. Great post! I love the way you've made that leopard dress look like two totally different items ;) that's so cool! xoxo

  6. WOW. I love all the belts. The vest looks so pretty. :P

    Thrifting can be fun!

  7. Love a good bit of nifty thrifing! As always I love your interpretations of styling something a different way!

  8. Missed you Tanvi:) Haven't tried my hand at thrifting yet, but perhaps I should. I just love that reversible belt and the vest.

  9. That that leopard print dress as a top makes it look sooo chic !! I couldn't even notice dt they were d same!!!
    Loved ur shirt dress d mostt !! : )

  10. hey tanvi...i love all ur outfits and look..totally fab..i myself m a self confessed thrifter..thanks for the lovely tips will keep them in mind next time i go for thrifting...

    Chic Accessorizer
    p.s. wud luv if u dropped my blog

  11. Great thrifting advice...and I of course, love all the thrifted outfit photos.....you have an eye for a great find!!

    Enter my Icelandic Design Knit Hat Giveaway!!

  12. Nice post on a good topic.

    I'm not exaggerating when I say that thrifting changed my life. It allows me to try numerous new styles at such a low cost I can easy afford to do so. It's like learning fashion with training wheels. Before, I wouldn't wear an item for fear of wasting $70; now, I snap one up for $7 and have the same experience.

  13. Im liking the dress as a dress!!

    Thrifting is really great...while i dont buy second hand stuff, I do look into those export surplus stuff available at our Delhi local markets, sometimes i come up with grt picks!!!

  14. loved all the belts n ya todays post was a feast to my eyes..so many outfit pics..love this post...

  15. really love how you remixed the leopard dress:)

  16. in both the first pics you look super hot*not that you don't in the others*:-)
    infact in the place where you wore the dress as a top-it does not look like a top at all-perfection dearie...you are reaching there:-)

    and thrifting sounds cool and looks even cooler on you:-)

  17. That dress doesn't look like a dress at all in the 2nd photo! How do you do it?


  18. We don't get much second-hand thrift shops here in India...but we do have all these export surplus stuff available in the street markets...and you do really find some good bargains there! Thanks for those tips..... :)

  19. Street shopping equals thrifting for me! 'Coz we dont have many thrift shops here.. I love that dress on you. Looks good even as a top.

  20. hope you are having fun in delhi :)
    belts are a great way to start

  21. Good advice and great shots.

  22. sarojini mkt here is THE place to thrift..you must have heard of that?!
    i loved that double sided belt so much

  23. Tanvi the leopard print dress with the knee-high boots are fierce, I love how you changed the dress into a top in the second look. I too have become more thrifty, I started with jewelry and belts and found a few clothing items that were in great condition.

  24. I have only been thrifting myself since last year as well, but I've been buying vintage pieces for a few years. Yay for delving into thrifting! You've amassed some great belts!

  25. i thrift every now and then and it can definitely be scary. i like your tips! that reversible belt was such an awesome thrift store find. :)

  26. I think thrifting carries a certain stigma with it that scares a lot of people. It could be that it is "already worn" or really cheap, but a lot of people are really not into it. I personally love it. I have found so many original and versatile pieces thrifting. I love that you have given it a shot!

  27. Love how you wore the dress as a top. I have to try this. Loving everything as always!!!

  28. great mix n match and those r grt tips on thrifting...

  29. Love it!
    I heard you were/are in India via Fashion Bombay :)
    How's it going?

  30. i got a dress once, thrifted! Which I use as a top now! this post speaks to me :) and I'm glad ur liking the break! always good for new inspirations!

  31. I LOVE the green,orange and tan belts!The very concept of thrift shops has always fascinated me!But sadly,I don't know of any such shop in Kolkata.:-(
    And Tanvii,you flew down to Mumbai for the bloggers' meet?Wish we had more bloggers from Kolkata!Then even we could've organized a bloggers' meet over here and invited you!Even Poulami has moved to Mumbai now.*wipes tears*

  32. Tanvi I love all looks cause u wear so good absolutely everything, but the first leopard dress/top mix & match is magnificent!!!
    Jelena (glamfabchameleon.blogspot.com)

  33. Great looks and good advice (although I never bother trying stuff on, I might waste valuable shopping time whilst I'm in the cubicle!)
    Second-hand is the way to go, cheap, green and so exciting. x

  34. Great haul! I maybe thrift more than I shop at regular stores. Majority of all my jewelry is now vintage and thrifted....such a great way to get unique items that are hard to find.

  35. nice haul!!i am a new fashion blogger from indonesia living in singapore :) i really like your blog. i will really appreciate & it will be an honor to have u as my blog member.

    and of course i will folback!:D also, u can mention me anytime on twitter @tiodang if you want me to check out your latest post & leave a comment ^^ ,please list me on twitter, so i will know u're my follower!! ;)

    i've just recommend your post to google!u can check it! that's what u got if you keep in touch with my blog too!! hope u will do the same ^^
    u can contact me at : cheeringwinda@yahoo.com

  36. Tanvi, I love that blogging got you into thrifting- your style is so chic and you are a good example of how awesome shopping secondhand first can be!

  37. these belts are lovely :)
    & thrifting is awesome.

  38. i am loving the dress as a top!

  39. New to Sac and stumbled on your blog...LOVE IT! Just starting out thrifting and appreciate the tips :)

  40. New to Sac and stumbled on your blog...LOVE IT! Just starting out thrifting and appreciate the tips :)

  41. I like the vest! SO nice! I don't know if they have thrift shops here..hmm..time to google... :-) or keep it as a business model :-p



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