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Inspiration -

I have realized there are two kinds of changes in our lives: 
1. That happen to us and affect us directly
2. That happen to others and STILL affect us directly

Personally I feel I am better equipped to deal with the changes that 'happen' to me in comparison to the ones that happen to others. Sometimes, while you do not want to make everything about 'you', yet you cannot help but contemplate how others' life decisions and changes will in turn change your life as well!

This  outfit has been in drafts for about a month! Whatever happened to my efficiency ... *sigh* 

Inspiration from 
Top - ASOS [11']
Skirt - Lulu's via a Giftcard [11']
Boots - Steve Madden [10']
Bracelets - India [07' & 10']
Watch - Michael Kors [11']

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