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I ♥ Bombay

Dress - ASOS [11']
Necklace - Giftcard via INPINK [11']
Shoes - Rack Room [09']
Last weekend I flew down to Bombay to meet all the fabulous bloggers I interact with, 
practically everyday for the past year. To say that I had a fantastic time would be an under statement. Seldom you meet people when you just 'fit-in' 
without an ounce of effort or awkwardness! 
All these ladies have me wishing I move to Bombay! Pure Love!

 Left to right: AasthaAnushkaTanviGiaMasoomSonuKavya

Aastha is an easy-going-fun person and an absolutely delight to talk to. Anushka is a fire cracker, always speaking her mind and a cool.smool.dotcom. Gia is adorable and I was touched 'coz she had travelled a long way just to meet us all. Masoom is the youngest but way mature for age and power-packed with talent. Sonu is a star! The number of things we have in common is plain scary. I love her honesty, honestly! ;) And last but not the least Kavya is warm, friendly and has the smile to die for. Needless to add all of them have an immaculate-individual-style!
All images courtesy Sonu

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