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November 2011 in Review

November has been a busy month and I cannot believe it is ALREADY OVER (?!?!). I have barely managed to blog. Life is moving on a fast mode right now. There is a lot of fun, excitement, and happiness in my life ... and of course some drama too ;) But I wanted to take a moment to Thank you all for taking out time to visit my blog without expecting anything in return and leave such kind comments. Also a special thanks to everyone who keeps in touch with me via Facebook. [♥ you all! :D]

My readers/fellow bloggers, continue to amaze me with their kindness, generous love, support and appreciation towards a mere stranger (me!). Although, it will still take me a couple of more weeks to get back to regular blogging but I do try my best to post my daily outfit here! Thank You again for hanging-in-there with me! 

Please poll the (only!) three outfits that I had posted this past month! 

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Mix & Match (IX) plus Styling & Shopping Tips

Wearing a scarf as a belt - Here -> Here

Guest Posted this at Chic ‘n Cheap Living 

Today, I will sharing a few of my personal styling & shopping tips.  Running a personal style blog means being under a public scrutiny and detailing every single item you decide to wear. However, if you are smart and efficient about your purchases you can definitely get bang for your buck. 

Closet Rules
via We Heart It
First, clean out of your closet. Anything you haven’t worn even once in the past year needs to go [except for your wedding dress, of course!]. This is the biggest hindrance in your path of becoming the next fashion icon. Trust me! 


Organize your closest according to the space and utility. For example, I hang all the tops/blouses/dresses which I wish to wear in the season within my immediate reach. Then I organize types of clothing together (t-shirts, tanks, etc.)

Once I have worn an outfit I stack it at the bottom of the pile or hang it right at the end. Then I use my ‘other’ clothes and make an effort to style things differently. 

Styling Rules
Keep it minimal. I often find people getting their outfit right but going over board with their accessories. Ideally wear accessories according to the occasion and your outfit. 

Keep in mind the neckline of the top/dress, the hairdo, color palette of the outfit and shoes! 

99% of the people get their shoes wrong. They should complement the outfit, but not stand out or distract from the overall look.

Shopping Rules 
I always, always only buy things if they meet all the following criteria:

·       It fits you perfectly today [not tomorrow, not in future but TODAY!]
·       You absolutely love it! Have no doubt in your heart about it
·       You can see yourself wearing it at least 3 times at 3 different occasions [or what I do is divide the cost of the item by the number of times “I think” I will wear it, e.g. Jeans $100 and I will wear it at least 10 times = $10 per wear = Worth it!]

And just to prove my point below are two collages - 
1. Top - Urban Outfitters
Bought in September 2009
$26.00 (already worn at least 6 times)
$26 ÷ 6 = $4.33 = Worth it!
2. Trousers - BCBG
Bought in May 2010
$100.00 ( far worn 3 times)
$100 ÷ 3 = $33.33 = Kinda worth it! [Don’t you think?]

P.S. This post was written in Sept 2010. I have worn both these items several more times since then! 

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Mix & Match (VIII) plus Lust - Scarlett Red

Wearing a dress as a skirt - Here -> Here

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Red is so timeless! So vintage ... So classic! 

It makes a statement ... infuses confidence ... commands attention ... 
Definitely not for the weak-hearted. 

Do you dare?

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WUWT: Unasked for Advice

Some people cannot help themselves. They HAVE TO give their damn advice. No ...I do not mean their point of view or opinion. It is literally "advice" which absolutely no one asked for and often begins with "should" ... From what you "should" have worn and how ... to what you should eat, to what you should have done ... What's up with thatHello? If and when your help is required, I shall ask! Till then try and focus on what YOU should be doing/wearing/eating instead of me. Thank you very much. Rant over! ... So how've you been? :)  

This  outfit, too has been in drafts for about a month! P.S. I miss my photographer :( 
Earrings & Pendant - Gift from Mom [10']
Tank - Kazo [India, 11']
Jeans - Miss Sixty [06']
Shoes - Spring [10']

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One Jacket Five Ways

Most of us fall in to the rut of wearing our clothes the same way, each time. Anyone who has a limited options in the wardrobe and is also on a budget would know what a brim situation it is to be in. The best way I have found to add variations to my outfits is via cardigans and light jackets. And Spring is the best time to try that!
Adding a Jacket could help you:
  • Add color to your outfit
  • Color block your outfit
  • Get more use out of other pieces in your wardrobe
  • Make it a little formal or casual as needed

1. Wearing the Jacket with a Jump Suit

Besides wearing the jumpsuit on its own the other way to wear it would be with a Jacket (or scarf, accessories, etc. but let’s leave that for another post!).

2. Wearing the Jacket with Sweat Pants

Most people would not be seen dead with sweat pants in public but if worn correctly and with right layers they can be the most comfortable piece of clothing. Again, I paired them with a jacket to give it a more smart casual look.

3. Wearing the Jacket with a Dress

This dress on its own is quite overwhelming and only appropriate for an evening out however adding a contrasting Jacket made is absolutely wearable for an Afternoon Lunch.

4. Wearing the Jacket with a Skirt

This is like putting to versatile pieces of clothing together. A longer jacket you cover up the skirt, which we do not want hence this one is perfect to play up the drama of the skirt.

5. Wearing the Jacket with Jodhpur Pants

Contrary to what I did with the dress, I wanted to make this outfit wearable for an evening out. A top or a blouse was just not working out the way the Jacket did. Hence, win-win.
I hope I was able to show you few interesting ways to wear a Jacket for different occasions. 
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Mix & Match (VII)

Wearing a Dress as a Skirt - Here -> Here

If you are new to the blog then you would not know about the Mix & Match Series. I had started these last year specifically focusing on pieces from my closet which I have worn differently than what they were originally intended for. You can check the previous ones here on the blog or on FB.

I ♥ Bombay

Dress - ASOS [11']
Necklace - Giftcard via INPINK [11']
Shoes - Rack Room [09']
Last weekend I flew down to Bombay to meet all the fabulous bloggers I interact with, 
practically everyday for the past year. To say that I had a fantastic time would be an under statement. Seldom you meet people when you just 'fit-in' 
without an ounce of effort or awkwardness! 
All these ladies have me wishing I move to Bombay! Pure Love!

 Left to right: AasthaAnushkaTanviGiaMasoomSonuKavya

Aastha is an easy-going-fun person and an absolutely delight to talk to. Anushka is a fire cracker, always speaking her mind and a cool.smool.dotcom. Gia is adorable and I was touched 'coz she had travelled a long way just to meet us all. Masoom is the youngest but way mature for age and power-packed with talent. Sonu is a star! The number of things we have in common is plain scary. I love her honesty, honestly! ;) And last but not the least Kavya is warm, friendly and has the smile to die for. Needless to add all of them have an immaculate-individual-style!
All images courtesy Sonu

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Inspiration -

I have realized there are two kinds of changes in our lives: 
1. That happen to us and affect us directly
2. That happen to others and STILL affect us directly

Personally I feel I am better equipped to deal with the changes that 'happen' to me in comparison to the ones that happen to others. Sometimes, while you do not want to make everything about 'you', yet you cannot help but contemplate how others' life decisions and changes will in turn change your life as well!

This  outfit has been in drafts for about a month! Whatever happened to my efficiency ... *sigh* 

Inspiration from 
Top - ASOS [11']
Skirt - Lulu's via a Giftcard [11']
Boots - Steve Madden [10']
Bracelets - India [07' & 10']
Watch - Michael Kors [11']

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Mix & Match (VI) plus My Adventures with thrift-ing

Sorry that I have not been around much this past week. 'Real Life' has sorta taken over my 'blogging life' ... but I hope to catch up on the blogs and reply to all the emails in this coming week! Thank you for being around even when I am not! :) 

P.S. A warm welcome to all my new readers! In case you are wondering why there are no new outfit posts, since the time you came on board, then its time to click here. I have been posting my daily outfits at the end of each day!

Wearing a dress as a top - Here -> Here

...had Guest Posted this on Style by Santina!

Blogging has changed my life completely. I have started trying taking more risks, become much more experimental and open to new things. One of the things I was wary of was - Thrifting! Up until I started blogging I couldn’t imagined wearing 'second-hand clothes' or even enter a thrift shop in my dreams! Not much has changed yet, but after being encouraged by a lot of blogging-friends, I did brave-through into a thirft-store last year! I had no idea what I was looking for or how should one thrift ‘successfully’. So if you are someone like me who is a thrift-virgin then this is what I have learnt so far:

1) Take your time and survey the store. Pick out stuff you think you might like. If you are lucky you might even find stuff with their original tags on.

2) If you are not ready to start with clothes immediately, accessories like jewelry and belt are a great way to break the ice.

3) Make sure you try-on everything.

4) Check for any wear and tear. If it is easily repairable then don’t just discard it!

5) Lastly, and most importantly wash everything before wearing.
Below are few of the items I have thirft-ed!
Reversible Belt - (Front Side - Printed) - $5.00
Reversible Belt (Back Side - Polka Dots) - $5.00
Bright Green Belt via J.Crew - $3.00
Bright & Skinny Orange Belt via J.Crew - $3.00
Belt via Coach - $10.00
Vest via Banana Republic - $10.00

Do not underestimate the power of thrifting, my friends! :)

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How I Fight, Winter Dryness?

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