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Texan Grit

Fall has arrived in Texas, and that too, on time this year. The morning temperatures have been between 55˚F - 65˚F all this week. I wish I could box this weather up and bring it out in the summers when the temperature reaches up to 100˚F. The mornings have been so pleasant lately, that I cannot help but dream of picnics and hikes and all kinds of outdoor activities.

Talking of pleasant ... I was pleasantly surprised this last Sunday morning, to find out that I had been featured in the Sunday edition of one of the leading Bombay (Mumbai) Daily - DNA. Oh well! ... though isn't anything earth shattering but it never gets old to be appreciated and complimented. Thank you, to the person who scouted me out and wrote such wonderful things about me. I, too, describe my style as - eclectic

P.S. Not to miss, out of all the perfect poses I give on the blog, they chose my bloopers.

In other news, I have been feeling the following lately:

  • lethargic
  • fat
  • prosaic
  • weary
  • bored
  • despondent
  • anxious
  • inept
... I think I need a good long holiday!  I really do! :)

Dress - Zara [07']
Boots - Lucky Brand [10']
Scarf/Necklace - Gift from Richa [11']
Earrings - via City Brewed [11']

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