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Perception & Interpretation

I have realized that Blogging is a tricky medium. You might be the best of writers but there is no guarantee that your post will be taken in the spirit that it was intended. So far I have written about 550 posts and I say this from experience that all of them have been misunderstood by someone or the other. 

Once I was being sarcastic, and some people thought I was upset and angry.
Once I was sharing travel stories and it some how turned into a religious debate.
Once I was being honest, and someone thought I was being arrogant.
Once I was being polite, and someone thought I was being a push over. 
... and I can go on and on and on ... 

Of course, none of this has stopped me from blogging or speaking my mind. That simply wouldn't change. But I have learnt that no matter how clear and simple I keep the posts there will always be an element of perception and interpretation, which again is subjected to the people who are reading it, their backgrounds, experiences, culture and sometimes their relation to me. I cannot control all this. So I have no option but to continue saying (writing) what I believe in. The only thing which IS in my control is - I can make sure that there is never a personal vendetta or evil intended against anyone. And trust me, there never is! 

And hey! even God gives every girl the a right to be "bitchy" once a month, so how can humans take that away ... and of course there is always an option of not reading my blog if you don't like me or disagree with my thoughts. No hard feelings there...!        

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