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Man behind this Woman!

This post is 3 months late (due to a certain tech difficulties) but hey! better late than never, right? 

So today I am in the mood to talk about the wonderful man who is always behind the scenes of my blog - My husband! I am sure everyone knows by now that he is a scientist (hence we all know who has the the brains in this relationship. No arguments there!). Before meeting him I had never known a scientist in real life. It is safe to say my impression of this profession was heavily influenced by the stereotype portrayed in the books and films. And like most stereotypes, there is always an exception

Besides being intelligent, he is handsome, charming, compassionate, friendly ... I could go on and on and on ... I have lost most of my friends to him. They shamelessly declare that they prefer him over me. *sigh* But the best quality of his is that he never behaves like a typical 'Indian' man i.e. doesn't taunt me or stop me from shopping, never makes me feel guilty of leaving him behind and travel (if I do!), if I am busy writing a blog post (like right now) he cleans the kitchen and does the dishes (without me having to ask!), is always willing to take me on a holiday, makes midnight runs to the gas station if I run out of my chocolate stash (I am sure he is glad that I haven't asked him to do that in the last 4 months), never gets tired of listening to me talk about Salman, Hrithik & Aamir (Indian Actors!), and always accompanies me to all the movies I wanna watch and [beat this] also, manages to sit through the chick-flicks without whining. And of course, he was not a photographer till he met me but he has learnt the art over the past year, via research and youtube videos, just for me and my small little blog! He is my photographer, tech-support, proof reader, bounce board for ideas and punching bag. All-in-ONE! :D   

He is also, one of the funniest people I have ever met. He comes up with the wittiest and the cutest stuff, out-of-the-blue! Whenever he sees me eagerly checking my mail early in the morning, he knows I must have posted the night before and hence, will ask, "Movie release ho gayi?" [Translation: "Has the movie released?" Interpretation: "Is the new post up?"]. Whenever I cook something of his liking, he'll come up with new ways to compliment me. One recent compliment that I remember, "Tum annapurna ho!" [Translation: "You are bestower of food in great quantity"] ... You get he idea! :)

I am not saying that my life is perfect ... what I am saying is ... that ... he makes it worth it, to struggle through the imperfections!

I wasn't ready! I thought Husband was still checking the lighting and what-not!
Lighting seems fine, right?
But he didn't think so, and I got tired of waiting!
Tired and ready to go home! 
Top - BCBG [11']
Dress worn as skirt - ASOS [10']
Shoes - Dolce Vita [10']
Earrings - Bauble Bar [11']

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