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Inspiration - Miranda Kerr

This weekend we watched two random suspense thrillers (Hindi Movies) ... [Kanoon (1960) & Uljhan (1975)] ... which has confirmed my belief that our old movies (up until late 90's) are responsible for portraying Indian women as submissive and docile. While I am quite sure the truth was quite different from this representation. For instance: 

They fainted on the spot at even a slight indication of stress or a disturbing news. Are you kidding me? I do not know any woman who is that frail and weak hearted. If nothing else, they are the ones who give strength to everyone around, unless they had a severe deficiency of Iron! 

They are shown painfully shy and bashful, even to their own husband. Errmmm ... picture this -> Husband has returned from a long day of work and wishes to indulge in some romantic cuddle-snuggle-nuzzle and instead of indulging in the same, their reaction is "Hatto na!" [Translation: Let go!] ... Really? WHY??!

Tears are their answer to all the problems and challenges. Illness, Death, Crime, Lost love, hunger, famine, Infidelity, Miscarriage, Betrayal, no matter what character they were playing - Woman in these movies cried their heart out with equal valor. *major.eye.roll* 

Phone 'ringing' is more important than being cozy with their lover/husband. This is the second most common scene -> The couple is having a cute romantic time and thats when the phone rings. The female is the one to break away and say, "Arre phone toh uthoa na" ...[Translation: First pick up the phone!] My reaction would probably be the exact opposite. "Leave the damn phone", after all who is more important?   

They are a picture of sacrifice and always succumbing to society's pressure for the sake of their family. Whether is the matter of brother's education, friend's chastity, husband's honor, or ailing father's health - the woman in these movies is practically dying to be a martyr and giving up their love and happiness. Like whatever! Might as well bury them alive upon birth. Such a poor rendition to a woman's resilience and strength!

Thankfully, our recent movies have long departed from this poor portrayal.      

...and so had my today's outfit - Departing from my forte (bright colors & prints) 
Black + White | Everybody, Everywear
Tank - American Apparel [11']
Skirt - Calvin Klein [10']
Shoes - Me Too via TJ Maxx [09']
Necklace - c/o clyde's rebirth [11'] 
Clutch - Karla's for Coach [10']

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