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Inspiration - Land's End

A lot of you already know that I had decided to go off sugar for 6 months (less than 2 months remaining now. Woo.hoo!) ... and those of your who don't ... oh well! About time you caught up, eh? ... So anyways, every month I survived without sugar I would announce it to the world, as one of my greatest achievements. So when I completed 3 months and posted another status update my dear friend Surbhi saw it.  

Who is Surbhi? Well, in a short version, she is one of my closest and oldest friend. I met her first time in 1993 and have been dependent on her for my mental stability ever since. She had a baby last year (my first friend to become a Mom!) and hence, has not been able to keep up with my random experiments, like leaving sugar for 6 months, etc. etc. 

So back to the original story, when she finally got a minute away from her toddler to check Facebook, she saw my proud announcement and decided to BBM (Blackberry Messenger, like duh!) me immediately. Since we live in different time zones, I woke up and saw this:

BBM Chat (more like scolding!)
No Hi! No Hello! 
Surbhi - What is wrong with you? 
Surbhi - Why do you keep doing such random things? 
Surbhi - You are absolutely fine. You are thin. 
Surbhi - I do not understand you. 
Surbhi - For God's sake, go eat something. 
Surbhi - I am so fed up of you. 

Now, had anyone else left me this message (or said it to my face) my reaction would have been an *eye.roll* and I would have not cared a damn, simply 'coz everybody just likes to give lecture and talk - yada yada yada - but this particular message made me SO happy. It made me feel all fuzzy in my heart. If I could I would have gotten inside the phone and hugged her. Well, just 'coz it felt so god.damn.good to know someone cared so much. And she wasn't giving me a lecture. She was just being her caring-nurturing-self. 

Then later I told my husband this story with my usual theatrics, and as a proud friend. 
His reaction - "Can I scold you like that sometime?" ... 
Me - "Errmm ... NO!" 

That privilege is reserved for Surbhi :D 
P.S. I love my friends! 

I received this awesome pair of boots courtesy WANTED. Oh! How I love them!!! 
Tired of posing. N.B. I am standing-posing-and-balancing on a 4 inch edge. 
Inspiration - Land's End
Jeans - Miss Sixty [06']
Boots - c/o Wanted [11']
Shirt - Banana Republic [10']
Tee - Banana Republic [11']
Necklace - Gift from Mother-in-law [10']