Hard on Myself!

1:01 AM

One advice I receive over and over again (for the longest time that I can remember) is - "Don't be so hard on yourself!I guess I should be happy that everyone around me thinks I am hard on myself, but I do not share that opinion. I expect the best from myself. My goals, aims, aspirations ... they have always been 'to be the best version of myself'. Whether it was in academics or professionally, as a home maker or a blogger, as a friend or a daughter ... I have a certain expectation from myself and when I do not meet them, I am the first one to point it out. 

I think more often than not, I do a 'fair' assessment of myself. When I say I am not in my best shape, I mean I have been in a better shape, if I say I am not being productive enough, it only means I have achieved more in the past, etc. etc. ... and to expect anything less would mean a compromise or admittance of being mediocre. And God knows, I can be anything but mediocre. I'd rather not do it at all, than to be 'just-about-okay' at anything! 

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