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Travel Lists - States of America

Many of you might already know that I love traveling. My ONLY goal in life is to visit in the world of course before I die. And by visit I mean go there for a holiday. Transits and work-related-travel doesn't count. There are 196 countries in the world and I have ONLY been to 21 countries so far (including India and the Vatican) ... 

So I have decided to first begin with all the States I have been to in U.S. & India. 

Out of 50 States I have been to 
18 States (Sept. 11')
19 States, Hawaii (Dec. 11')
20 States, Oregon (Feb 12')
21 States, Vermont (April 13')
22 States, New Hampshire (April 13')
23 States, Tennessee (August 13')
24 States, Arizona (December 13')
25 States, New Mexico (December 13')

Alabama AL
Alaska AK
Arizona AZ 
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